Thursday, 20 February 2014

Creative Challenge #288 Covered

Nera at the vets for jabs 2014

It was a day like any other. I skipped (Mrs. Human says wobbled) to my food bowl and had a few bites of my special vitamin food. A fresh mouse would have been better, but you cannot have everything and Mrs. Human said vitamin pellets are good for felines, it makes their fur silkier. I find this a little confusing, as my fur is so silky, it could not get any silkier.

Before I could say Mickey Mouse, or Garfield, I was packed and thrust in a cage. Me, Nera the chief feline, put in a cage! Something was afoot (or apaw according to what you are). It was vet day, so I put on my special I hate vet attitude. The usual spitting and growling, eyes flashing and mouth wide open to show what wonderful pointed sharp teeth I have. Nothing helped; the vet ladies thought I was having fun.

They decided to see how heavy I was. This was an insult, a light footed dainty feline like myself. They said I had put on weight again. I gave a Nera glare and did a few spits showing how far I could open my mouth.

And then the final insult, they put me on the table. I was just ready to leave a long scratch mark on the vet’s arm and she put on gloves, not just gloves: leather gloves reaching up to her elbow. The next insult, was the insult of all insults. They covered me completely with a thick blanket, paw proof, just leaving my tender part free. I am a brave cat, prepared to fight all battles, if I cannot run away, but now I was fixed. This was cruelty to felines. Just as I was thinking about making a complaint to the Society for protection of feline rights online on my pawpad, it happened. They gave me a jab in my most tender part. I was ready for the attack, but they just put me in the cage again. I arrived home worn out by the battle I had fought, so slept for an hour or two, or three, or was it ten hours.

It seems someone had a bad conscience, as I had tuna fish for my evening meal afterwards. 

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  1. Fantastic story, which complements the photo.

  2. poor Nera...but made a terrific story...'sorry sweet Nera!! ' LOL

  3. poor Nera...but it was the right thing to do! glad she didn't see you taking the photo, that would have been another insult I presume :)

  4. Oh, the indignity of it all!! I'm sure the tuna helped restore it some :-))

  5. I really admire your cats' tales... you write with so much detail that you make us believe they have human-like emotions and feelings...

  6. great photo and story! now im hungry for tuna :P