Monday, 9 December 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety

Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways…) 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ANXIETY.

"Bipperlisi" Train from Feldbrunnen to Solothurn

Our local train, known as “Bipper Lisi” thunders through the dividing main road of our village every twenty minutes. Does it annoy me? No, because it has always been there. I even use it to tell the time. When I am lying peacefully in my bed in the early morning hours and I hear the first train I know it must be around 5.20 a.m. I roll over and sleep on. She thunders past again around 07.10 a.m. and then I know it will thunder along twice and then I will raise and have breakfast. She does not disturb my sleep, she is always there. We have Sunday services meaning only twice in the hour instead of four times, and on Sunday even as a non-working woman I know there is no rush to do anything. Golden oldies do not need so much sleep it seems, according to the facts.

Today I made a small change in my timetable. After my midday sleep/rest I usually write my prize suspicious daily prompt. Today I decided would clean my windows on the east facing side of the apartment before writing the daily prompt. If there is anything I do not like it is routine, so I broke my routine. Windows cleaned and now I am writing in the peace and quiet of my living room, almost.

I decided to have a noise sensitive afternoon to give me something to write about, as I had another déjà vue with this prompt and do not want to repeat myself, even if the prompt might be a repetition. There is no radio playing in the background so that is one distraction less. Mr. Swiss was listening to music with his mini iPoddy earphones. Have you ever noticed, that despite the fact that someone listens with earphones, there is always a background rhythm that you can hear. I ignore it, it is when someone starts to hum to the frontground tune that it can become disturbing. I could move to the kitchen and close the door, but Mr. Swiss has now moved to a book, so now and again I hear the sound of a page being turned.

Now to the sound of silence. Outside at the moment it is silence although the time on my computer says 16.39 meaning one minute until the train they call the Bipperlisi passes. Yes it is the train they call the Bipperlisi of Solothurn and will be gone something like 20 kilometers until the end station of Niederbipp (the reason for her name), something like the City of New Orleans, but that is bigger and faster. Bipperlisi does not warrant a hit song (must write to Arlo Guthrie about that one).

Usually I have a bird chorus in the background from my famous bird house in the garden, but they seem to be having a rest. I said to Mr. Swiss that it seems my little birds are getting fatter every day but I have not yet heard one crashing to the ground after losing its balance through overweight.. I can hear the sound of a murder of crows in the high trees bordering our area. I bet you did not know that one – I looked it up in Wikipedia. The collective name for crows is murder and believe me the noise they make when having a meeting is pure murder for my sensitive hearing.

So we are having a peaceful afternoon down in the little village somewhere in Switzerland. The only noise I hear is the soft cooling down fan of my lap top and a little bell ringing. My feline Fluffy has a bell on his collar to warn away the birds when he takes a stroll in the garden. Funny how you get used to the sound, there is always a feline near when you hear a little bell. He has now moved to the his food bowl and I now hear the soft crunch crunch as he dives into his vitamin pellet food.

I have just realised what a surrounding silence I have at the moment. Am I still alive? Yes I can hear my own breathing, thank goodness. Now that would have been a source of anxiety.

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  1. Despite living in a mostly rural area, it's very rarely that I hear silence here. In the big trees near the church is a rookery, and those birds make a big noise in the morning and when they return to roost in the evening. A tractor or other farm machine can be heard at any time of the day. Only late at night, past midnight is there real silence. Only broken by the church clock striking the hour and once in a while a pair of owls hooting to each other.