Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Now you see me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVANESCENCE.

Bluetit eating

This superpower would be very useful when taking photos. I have a small bird house hanging on a tree in the garden and during the winter it is like the rush hour on the London Underground/Subway. The sparrows like to take up most of the space, but the blue tits are more careful and fly to the food platform, taking their seeds and afterwards flying to a branch on a tree to have their lunch. The main problem is that as soon as I open the window to take a photo the birds disappear. They probably notice the vibrations in the air and have a secret mechanism which warns them that danger might be approaching, so I have to take my super prize suspicious photos of birds usually from behind a glass window, or wait in the freezing cold for five minutes until they are fooled into believing I am no longer there. Otherwise I have to depend on a close up lens and cropping and playing with the photo in a photo programme.

I appear and disappear most of the time. It is very easy when you no longer hear so well, at least when you do not want to hear so well. Mr. Swiss often listens to his music through his “earpods” – a new word I have just found in Internet. You know those funny little things you put in each ear to listen to whatever you listen to. It seems to me that the majority of teenagers walk around in an earpoddy state of oblivion. You do not have to appear and disappear at will, just put your earpod in your ear, attach the other end to a music source and life exists on another level.

As far as Mr. Swiss is concerned he does not need a superpower, he just plugs his earpods in and no longer exists. No problem: I can then write my prize suspicious blogs and do not have to feel guilty that he is not getting my full and undivided attention, as I am not getting his either. When I really think about it, an evening with Mr. and Mrs. Swiss is no problem. We do not have to disappear, the TV might be running, Mr. Swiss is playing with his iPad checking on the latest news and I am playing with my iPad playing an unintelligent game or reading a book with my Kindle app. The only interruption is when one of my felines wants to explore the outside world and I open the window for them. They do not yet have an earpod and probably would not need one. They hear a tin opener before I even take it in my hand.

Appearing and disappearing no longer needs a superpower, Apple did it all for us and I do not mean the ones that grow on trees.

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  1. Despite having a very good zoom on my camera, I still prefer to be as close as possible to my photographic subject, so when taking bird shots I have practiced the art of standing very still in one spot for quite some time. Of course, it helps to distract the birds by putting down seed and bread!!! I'm sure as I get older, the ability to stand still for long periods will gradually lessen, then I'll have to make greater use of zoom. The ability to be invisible might prove quite handy :-))