Saturday, 14 December 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Imagine, in great detail, an invention that could help reverse pollution — describe for us how your invention works and how it will help save the planet. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INVENTIVE.


Even this sweet animal polluted himself and he was big. His feet plodded over the earth many years ago and all we now have is a memory in the local natural history museum. Who would have thought that he even took a walk over our local Jura mountains. His frozen footprints were discovered near the little village of Lommiswil, a 5-10 minute car journey from where I live.

His death was his own fault, so research tells us. He had a big body and perhaps who knows a big heart, but his brain was not made to cope. It was a few sizes too small. His main problem was the recycling system. Yes, the poor sweet dinosaur probably suffocated, due to the production of methane gas. Imagine your toilet with no sanitary system, filled up over time and no-one to clear the human refuse away. You might suffocate, and so did this sweet little animal. We do not even know if he was vegetarian or not, so we could blame it on the plants.

If the dinosaur could not do it, then how are we humans supposed to do it, reverse pollution. The dinosaur was the cause of his own pollution and so are we. What a dismal outlook we have. Of course, we have Green Peace. Up to now they have only caused more trouble than they are worth (my humble opinion). The green bit is OK, but they do not seem to be spreading very much peace: annoying Mr. Putin by climbing on one of his ships, and resulting in the imprisonment of a Swiss active member. If I decided to take things in hand and climb the walls of the Bundehaus (Swiss parliament) and scrawl words like “Down with the banks” or “Death to all Swiss Gnomes” I would probably be put in prison as well.

I know, I am not very good at politics that is why I usually avoid them.

The only invention I know at the moment is the bomb. Like drop it and no more humans left. Then there would be no pollution now would there? Life would begin again, the dinosaurs would arrive, take over, kill themselves by their own waste and eventually humans would arrive on the scene, the rescue squad. We would it all again and we would stand where we are today thinking “What shall we invent next, something to save the planet”, which returns us to the problem of the daily prompt.

It seems that the North Korean leader has just discovered how to rid his country of pollution. Just execute the problem. It now seems that thousands of high ranking Korean diplomats and government officials are packing their bags, deciding to leave the country as they are probably the next on the list. Mr. Kim Yong whatever, will probably put the light out, being the last one to go. He seems to have solved his country’s pollution problem, just kill it.

The Swiss invented the cheese fondue but this is no solution to worldcenter pollution. Admittedly the cheese smells quite strong when melting and there have been cases known of fires caused by an unattended rechaud (you know the little stove thing where it is cooked, powered by burning fuel). We also invented the Swiss Army Knife. What Boy Scout, handyman, survival expert would not be without one? My son had two for his military equipment. One was never used, kept shiny and clean for the equipment inspection and the second was used, so he did not have to bother about cleaning it. Whether this would be a solution to world pollution I do not know, but it has all sorts of uses. I even have one in the kitchen, you never know.

Switzerland is also the home of Absinthe invented in the area around Neuchatel, a powerful alcoholic drink which can help all to forget the pollution problems and if this is too strong, then the Swiss Birchermuesli invention will return you to good health. Of course let us not forget Swiss Army Chocolate, the saviour of our army and secret weapon.

Army Chocolate

In other words, all this drivel I am writing here leads nowhere really, so I will come to a close. It seems to me that perhaps the solution of the world pollution misery might lay in Swiss hands, definitely not in my daily prompt blog.

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  1. Packing all the humans up in a giant spacecraft and sending it off into interstellar space would certainly help the pollution problem. And make the spacecraft travel at sub-light speeds, so it would be many millenia, maybe even millions of years, before it might reach another star system that they might start polluting. Yeah, I know, a bit of a radial solution. LOL.

    1. Sorry, that should read 'radical solution'