Monday, 23 December 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPACE.

Yippee! I have got my own planet and at last an opportunity to show one of my moon photos. I know, it is not a perfect example, but I still have not got the hang of the moon settings on my camera. It is the best I have at the moment.

And now to business, my own planet. I could call it Planet WordPress, where the daily prompts live and rotate day for day, pursuing us with ideas on life and coming with the good old phrase “Tell us about……”, but there will never be a planet WordPress, because WordPress only exists in the cyberworld, bringing us closer together with its suggestions and slowly turning me into a frustrated golden oldie who is becoming a misery guts with her complaints about the daily prompt. However, let us look on the bright side of life.

I do not think I want a planet. Who is going to live there? Definitely not a humanoid species, as soon as they are there they will begin to think about how to make it better, turning it into something worse.

I always had the idea that my felines originally came from a planet somewhere in another dimension in space the planet Koshka (that is the Russian word for cat). A silent planet, perhaps a soft meow can be heard from time to time, otherwise the felines communicate by telepathy. Their boss would be a lady called Bastet, commonly known as Bast, and would even be able to walk on two legs when necessary.

The inhabitants would be felines. Now and again due to an overpopulation an excursion to the planet Earth would be organised, by teleporter of course. Felines are more intelligent than the human species. They would settle on the earth and multiply and go forth. The best idea Bast had was to send the first group to Egypt. Bast is a clever girl, she knew what the felines needed: corn chambers infested by mice and the felines were happy. They did their job well.

When Bast sent a delegation of black felines it did not turn out very well as it was in the so-called dark ages, when witches were burnt or drowned for doing their black magic. It seems that many of these black felines adopted a witch as its slave and so they were burnt as well. Later Bast sent the tailess felines. They decided to take over an Island called Man somewhere near the British Isles. That was a success, and even today this species of felines populates the Isle of Man.

In the meanwhile Bast is still there, she is immortal. Now and again one of her colonists reports to her telling of life on earth and the fantastic food available. Now Bast has a storage room full to the top with tuna fish cans. The inhabitants of planet Koshka are still trying to open them and a group of felines are working on the paw-friendly can opener

If you are owned by a feline and it seems to sleep a lot, do not worry. It is a dream traveller and is reporting to Bast on planet Koshka.

And this super story of the day is now closed. I am surrounded by my three felines, all sleeping – are they really there?

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  1. Mine would be called Planet Ark. I would transplant members of all the species on Earth, except humans, to it and then leave them to get on with existence free from human interference.