Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go....

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement! 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONTEMPLATION.

Crow on a Lamp Post in Feldbrunnen

I am sure this crow was contemplating whether to take a jump and fly or not. One of those on the spur of the moment photos taken on my way to the train stop in the village. They let me out yesterday as I had to go to the opticians to pick up my new glasses. Life is much clearer now.

My goals for 2014: the most important and really only one is that I will be able to write a similar blog theme at the end of 2014, you never know. I stopped doing goals some time ago, they arrive if they are meant to arrive. Too much excitement is never good for a golden oldie, it might be your last goal. Looking at things in a merrier light, I have already bought my Christmas cards. You can never be too late, although they are still unpacked and telling me to get on with the job. Due to how the world is shrinking with this modern communication thing (blame it on Bill Gates), my friends and relations now seem to be in far-flung places, so I have to get a move on and start writing to make sure they arrive in time. Although it seems I could do it all online. I am still thinking about that one.

Today I had a small goal to take my daily golden oldie creative sleep after lunch. Somehow there was a malfunction in my timing and instead of my usual one hour relaxation in Nirvana it developed into two hours, but here I am awake and ready to go. Is that a sign of growing older?

Do I have to improve myself? I do not think so, what do you think Mr. Swiss? He was just about to say something, but I told him not to bother. After all I am so perfect, I do not want my illusion completely destroyed. Perhaps next year will be the year of the Nobel/Pulitzer/Man Booker prize for me or I might succeed in winning the Blogger of the Year award, if it exists. My gift of articulation has not been recognised yet, but who knows what is around the corner.

I am almost finished with the NaBloPoMo, you know this thing about writing a blog daily during the month of November. That is an achievement in itself. I generally write once a day in any case, but not with intention as you never know what is around the corner, looking on the negative side of things. There are four days to go. Will I win one of those treasured iPads that might be handed out, will I be recognised as a Fifty Shade of Blog that the world is waiting for? Perhaps I will be paid for my future blogs, to ensure that my words of blog wisdom will be maintained amongst my disciples. Or, of course, the world may continue to ignore my blogging talent and all that will be left is an inscription somewhere, perhaps a plaque in the village

She was here

Franz Kafka was only discovered and recognised as a great writer after his untimely death, so there is always hope: probably one of the reasons why many of his works were left unfinished. I am glad that blogs are brief works of literature, especially at my age.

On this happy note I will leave you to have a good think about what to do with your future ambitions and to compose a list of goals to achieve throughout the coming year: may it be longer than mine. Perhaps you will not be successful and your talents are left unrecognised as mine, but things can only get better.

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  1. I'm not sure that what I want for next year would be called a 'goal'. After all, a goal is something you seek to achieve through your own endeavours. Mine is more to do this the whims of chance and luck, in that I want to win the National Lottery. Win enough so that I can retire from my stressful job and spend the rest of my days travelling the world with Joanne. As that is less than likely, all I want for next year is to spend as much time as possible on my photography. Not much to ask, really :-))