Saturday, 23 November 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Playtime

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PLAY.

South American Musicians in Solothurn

I was about to go home after a visit to the local town of Solothurn and as if on order, this group of musicians appeared and started to play. Being always armed with my camera I took a photo just as they were playing El Condor Pasa – perhaps not quite Simon and Garfunkel but it sounded very good.

Of course I play in my daily life, from the moment I arise in the morning until evening. The day is just one big playtime. There are two sorts of playing, what you want to play and what you have to play. Sometimes wanting coincides with having to and then the day is just one big round of games.

I can even enjoy ironing, although that is a must, but combined with music from the CD player it can be fun. Imagine ironing your husband’s shirts accompanied by Jumping Jack Flash from the Rolling Stones. You forget the work and just sing along. Ironing duvet covers is a longer job and there I prefer something more soothing in the background, perhaps one of those long guitar pieces from the late Gary Moore: I am thinking of “Still Got the Blues”: ideal for flattening the creases.

Hoovering does not go so well with music as the vacuum cleaner is a noisy machine. However, you can still have fun, watching the dust disappear, leaving a trail of cleanliness behind. I do not have so many carpets, mostly stone tiles and wood, but the vacuum cleaner game can still be fun. Of course it is a game of concentration. Have you suddenly discovered that the machine makes a painful noise, as if to say “turn me off, I have just swallowed too much and am suffocating”. Concentration is required for this moment of playtime, it might be that one of your cats/children/you have left a large object in the way and the vacuum cleaner refuses to play.

I love playing with gadgets. Turning on the washing machine, watching the water fill the space between the garments, with a layer of soap suds, the noise resembling a miniature version of the Niagara Falls. It is a thankful game, as you can leave the machine to play on its own, knowing that in an hour or so the game is over and the wash is ready to be hung up. Some continue this pastime with a tumbler, but that can spoil the game. You no longer have the fun of hanging up the gaming parts to dry or ironing them. It can then become boring.

Some of us do real games, like playing with the computer. I must admit, here I am guilty. Switching the machine on, hearing the throbs of electronic pulsing through its component devices and mother board. The name “mother board” lends a friendly touch to the game, you feel secure and protected. You know that you belong, you are moved when the computer says silently “what shall we play today” as you enter the world of Google, Internet Explorer or perhaps Firefox. The world is at your fingertips, you can create, be part of it, communicate. Unfortunately all good things come to an end.

A hunger feeling creeps into your body and already the next enjoyment approaches on the horizon. “Let’s cook” it says and already you are passing time with potato peelers, chopping knives and other accessories in the kitchen. This is a musical game. The ouverture is the preparation, the first movement is the actual cooking and the grand finale is when all are seated at the table and play the eating game. You may be applauded, showered with praise, you may have a silent audience, all are positive. There might be remainders of food left on the plate. This is not such a recommendation, but you cannot win all the games.

Daily life goes on, make the most of it, it can only get better and do not forget we are all playing one big game of life so enjoy it while you can. You never know what is around the corner.

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  1. I rarely play computer games these days. Back in the days of the Commodore 64, with it's enormous 1Mg of memory (remember when we thought that was a lot?? LOL) and games came on blue floppy disks, I used to play games a lot, but since the advent of 'proper' computers and the rise of games consoles, I lost interest in them. The only one I still play, just as relaxation after a hard day at work, is the solitaire version of Mahjongg

  2. I really only play Sugar Crush, but it is harmless. I take my time, has about 500 levels and am at level 75 - no problem. Just to keep me occupied. I remember the good old days of the floppy disk games. My son had them all. Kuoni's Rift where you never knew where you were going and everything looked alike. My favourite was Wizz Ball, colouring various landscapes. I always had to wait for son No. 2 to be finished before I could have a go.