Monday, 11 November 2013

Nera Went to the Vets


Daily Prompt done me a favour today by being late. I had time to pay a sudden visit to the vets with Nera, the chief feline. She had a suspicious eye that looked a little inflamed: nothing serious, but always better to check. The vet confirmed she probably just had a mild conjunctivitis in the eye. The diagnosis was the easy part. Then the vet had to put a contrast liquid in the eye to see if there were any injuries to the eye. There were none, but the vet and her assistant were near to injury. Yes, Nera needs two people to do the examination: one to hold her down by the scruff of her neck and the other to do the work.

The next problem was putting eye drops into the eye. I did not realise that Nera had such a look alike resemblance of vampire teeth in her mouth, all sharply pointed and ready to dig deep. What did the vet do? I think she crossed her fingers and hoped for the best trying to ignore the growls and hisses. She said that everything has to be done quickly with Nera, due to dangers. She decided there was no point that we put the drops in her eye at home, as that would definitely not work.

The next operation was an anti-inflammatory injection, to perhaps make it unnecessary for further eye drops. For this operation Nera’s head was completely covered in a thick cloth so that she did not see the jab coming. At the moment she is curled up sleeping and probably dreaming of how she showed us all. It is funny when I go to the vets with Nera, they always automatically make special preparations like organising an assistant and having special cover-up cloths for the head.

There was a lady in the waiting room that was convinced what a sweet little Kitty Nera is and was ready to put her finger through the bars of the cage to stroke her. I said perhaps it would be better not. My insurance does not cover feline injuries for strangers and finger decapitations..

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  1. The lady in the waiting room had a lucky escape!!! LOL.