Saturday, 12 October 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land:

What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!”? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STRANGE.

Platform 1, Solothurn Station

 I have never posted a blog from the local railway station, although when taking a train I am usually surrounded by men dressed in suits and ties hammering away at their laptops. I am sure they are not blogging, probably writing something vital for their future business life, or perhaps they just want to look important and busy.

As a golden oldie I do not experiment with my laptop and make myself comfortable on the porch, weather permitting. Otherwise I just shift around to be comfortable. Now the colder days are approaching, it is not so much porch but apartment and that depends. If it is just I, me and myself, I make myself comfortable in the living room on our big table. If I am not alone problems can arise. Mr. Swiss is sitting very near on his desk and might be listening to some sort of jazzy beat on his computer. When attempting to write a prize winning blog (I know, someone else got the Nobel prize for literature , disappointment again) this music can be very distracting and so I move.

The next available free place where I can shut a door to obliviate any distraction, is the kitchen. That is not such a bad solution. We have a nice large table, originating from the days when we were regularly four eating at home, and now I have it for me. You might get hungry or thirsty whilst writing, the fridge is just behind you and there is a cooking range for making coffee or tea. It could not be better. It is like writing in a restaurant with all mod cons. Now and again a feline might be passing through, meaning opening the window for them but no problem; my writing talent is not disturbed. At the moment I am seated in the kitchen and can only hear a neighbour practicing piano, but sunk in my thoughts to produce a devastating original blog, this does not bother me.

The problem today is that everything is organised with a “touch” screen. You have an iPad/tablet, fantastic. You are on line, can write your blogs and comments leaving just a sweaty finger mark on the glass plate. For a golden oldie as myself, this can cause problems. Your fingers are no longer supple, they tend to block themselves now and again. Sometimes one finger interrupts what the other finger is doing, coupled with perhaps a few nerve based vibrations. No: touch screens have their advantages if you are young, lively and are not interrupted by life’s progress. For this reason I do not ever, never, write a complete blog on another device. My lap top is sufficient – whatever was Bill Gates thinking of when he encouraged the development of Windows 8: it is just one large enormous touchy screen. I suppose one day I will have to go there and do it, but am postponing it for the time being.

There is something called Instagram. The name puts shudders into my weakened spine. How can you have pleasure in something with a name relating to instant, at once, stressfull to say the least. I see fingers slipping all over the place, perhaps the danger of a sprained finger joint, or a twisted thumb. I have decided to avoid any Insta thingies for the time being. Another problem is that I am very rarely out and about these days. A few excursions to the local supermarket, the hairdresser (it is still growing), or a doctor (which seem to be increasing as time goes by). I have not yet risked writing messages to Internet in such strange places. I might send a shopping list, or a doctor’s prescription instead of concentrating on the written word. I am a home based girl basically, so I do not need the help of an IOS via pad, android via some strange telephone device, or a telepathic method per bytes.

Mr. Swiss is now in the kitchen preparing something to drink, eating an apple and it is time for me to go. This afternoon I have visitors. Mr. Swiss daughter (my step) with her husband are on their way from Zürich to where we live, about one hour on the motorway. I am now using this one hour to churn out a blog before they arrive.

Have fun everyone in whatever strange place you are, may it be in a forest, swimming in a river, in a concert – but do not forget to take your “i” stuff with you, you might want send a few Internet items, so make sure you are situated within contact range.

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  1. I don't use a laptop computer and I don't use an i-phone or other android-type phone, I only usually use my desktop computer at home, so I don't usually post from anywhere but right here at my desk. I've used Joanne's laptop a few times while on vacation in the US. The furthest from home I've posted is Las Vegas, I guess, although I wouldn't use the term strange.