Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Creative Challenge 274: Understate

The last summer hibiscus 2013

It would be an understatement to say I am the best hibiscus. The others have all gone to seed now and tomorrow it is my turn. Those before me were much bigger, but if I may say my colour is a little more intensive. Yes, one of the last of 2013. There was a little shower a few minutes ago which freshened my petals. Even the last rose over in the corner admires me in secret now and again, although she will be around for some time. The advantage of being one of the last is that I do not have so many insects crawling all over my petals. Just a few are still here to ensure that my seeds will be formed for further growth.

So here is wishing for a successful flowering experience for next year with many of my sort, and I am sure that I am not understating. Do not mourn me when you find me wilted tomorrow, that is a hibiscus life.

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  2. awww, not only do you get inside the heads of your cats, but flowers too?! I thought it was small, but it is very pretty in miniature form :) I saw some wildflowers recently that were extra colorful too maybe it is the cooler nights? Wonderful post!

  3. Very good personification of the hibiscus...

  4. Very pretty but sad and lonely looking.....