Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Creative Challenge 272: Dual(ity)

“Mrs. Human, this is a reason for a dual” said Nera with a poisonous look in her yellow eyes, which were flashing.

“Why Nera, I do not see any harm.” I answered

“You took advantage of a poor, defenceless, beautiful feline with the best silky fur in the feline world. I was put to sleep and awoke to find I was naked, shaved, my image destroyed. Be prepared, your last day without a scratch has arrived.”

“But Nera, it was for your best. Your fur was no longer something wonderful, but tangled, inhabited by unknown moving objects and above all you did smell a little bit."

“Felines never smell Mrs. Human, we are the sweetest objects in movement on this place called Earth. And now to add insult to injury you are planning show photos, known as before and after. You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs. Human. Be prepared to fight.”

“But Nera, it is such a lovely subject for the title “Dual(ity)” and of course I forgot to mention, as royalties for the permission to show these photos, you will be rewarded with a nice plate of fresh tuna, garnished with catnip.”

“Oh well in that case, permission given. Where is the tin opener?”

Nera is thirsty

Nera the cat had a haircut

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  1. Cute story and photos on the theme.

  2. As always your cat stories are delightful.....and the after photo of Nera is very fahionable and has a royal look to it!!

  3. Sometimes felines are easily pleased :-))

  4. Ohhh! Now the tunafish has a catnip garnish!? I think when I die I want to come back as one of your cats!
    I like how you changed duel into dual...two very different looks for Nera :)

  5. Nothing worse than a furious ferocious furless feline. My friend in Zurich tells me first yodel was actually a response to a cat attack.
    As always, a very entertaining narrative from the land of holey cheese and good skiing.