Saturday, 28 September 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.


After three years my orchid is flowering again. Of course, no surprise, I remember when I bought it as a special offer. I found one orchid alone is no big deal, so I bought some more. There were five at the time, all nicely sitting on a table in front of the window. Since I built the greenhouse to replace half of the porch, things have exploded. Mr. Swiss always said I tend to overdo things, five orchids would have been enough for the normal person, but one hundred is a little too much. I think the problem is that I tend to talk to them now and again, just to encourage their growth. The older I get the more conversations I hold with them.

WordPress are still supplying my daily prompt, although they wrote to say the words “Pulitzer”, “Nobel” and “Booker” combined with “prize” are now a no go and becoming monotonous. If I have not received the prize yet, I never will. I should write about something else (perhaps my orchids?).

As you notice, my blogs can be quite short sometimes. Not that I am running out of things to say. As long as you have three felines that seem to think they are the Ying and Yang of life, there is always something to write. Unfortunately my fingers no longer type as well as they did and my ideas are diminishing. They do say that all cells are replaceable in the human body, only the little grey ones in the brain die forever.

After spending three months in prison for displaying photos on my blog of the local police station, local government building and some politicians, I had a little trouble. Mr. Swiss always said I am cutting it to a fine edge with my photography. Just because I have a camera with close-up lens, it does not mean that I can take photos of everywhere and everything. He said this was the photo that did it.


It was just a view of my bank, from inside, taken from the balcony with fantastic black and white complememts: a work of art, but the police did not look at it that way. It seems photos of banks can be useful information to a certain type of person. Was it my fault that the bank was robbed three weeks after the photo appeared?

I am still blogging away, no problem.

My followers in blogging land are diminishing. Do I no longer have the magnetizing gifts of absorbing new disciples? Are my blogs no longer as magical and fascinating as they were, or are we all becoming older? The days of the golden oldies have been replaced by the grufties the fossils, we fall asleep reading the blogs and forget after five minutes what was written.

I heard there is a new blog site called “Senior Stargazers”. I think I will join. They have a weekly prompt and you get a gratis obituary blog should you no longer be amongst the active members.

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  1. I think most of us will still be blogging away in some form or other until the day we shuffle off this 'mortal coil'. I know I will !!

    BTW....that B&W shot of the bank is fabulous!!