Tuesday, 3 September 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HELP.


A photo of me in the dark ages when I was causing, being a member of the local first aid group and offering my services at the local football tournament. Admittedly there was something in it for me: helping all those nice manly figures of footballers with their injuries, applying plaster, soothing ointment and bandages to their injured limbs.

Which cause you may ask, there are too many.

Causes are not my thing these days. I myself am a cause. I nearly chopped my finger pad off last week (I had an Accident). My finger pad has decided to grow again, after I managed to remove the part of the nail that was severed from the rest. It is no longer a gory mess and an interesting scar will definitely remain. I am still not sure whether the removed part of the nail will regrow, but I was never one for nail polish: too lazy to wait for it to dry.

Getting old is not always fun, there are all sorts of problems that can arise. I remember when I was working a few years ago, the doctor decided it was his cause to give me a week free from work with doctor’s certificate and all the trimmings and I was not allowed to touch a computer for this time due to rheumatic/arthritic pains in my right arm That was a doctor’s cause? More like a crime for me – no computer? Luckily it was summer and I had my new camera so I could fill in the boredom with a photographic journey around the garden. This problem has now reoccurred, but this time I avoided a visit to the doc, I am now a do-it-yourself person. I have purchased an ergo metric mouse mat for resting my wrist on the special gel filled pad and take a tablet in the evening to ease the pain. The pain is gradually disappearing, but my mouse mat remains.

I no longer do causes, it is not worth it: there are too many causes that need a pilot figure to battle for their rights, so which one do I choose? With age comes a sort of self-protection, looking out for I, me and myself. Not everyone is a Dr. Barnado, Mother Theresa or Henry Dunant (the Swiss bloke that found the Red Cross). I remember one of the main rules in my life as a first aid helper was ensure you yourself are not in danger before you help others. Sounds selfish, but what is the point in me rescuing someone from drowning if I am at a risk to drown myself. I could perhaps enter a burning building to rescue a victim, being burnt myself at the same time. That is not helping a cause, but more a burden to those injured.

A good cause might be to rid a few countries of their despotic leaders. Sounds good, but it seems to me that when they are gone, the people in those troubled countries begin to fight with each other about who is now going to take over, so eventually it might have been better to leave things as they were Meddling in matters that are none of your business and for which you have no understanding was never a help, more like stirring in the soup that had already burnt at the bottom of the pan, redistributing the unwanted burnt bits all over the soup. Understand what I mean? Things might have been better just as it was. Tell it to the politicians that think they are good interfering where no-one wanted them in the first place.

As you progress with age, you do not actually become wiser, you see things at a different angle. Over the past month Mr. Swiss has not been so active due to a back problem. He can walk, drive a car, best of all sit, but standing in a queue at the supermarket waiting to pay at the cash desk is torture. That is my cause at the moment, caring for Mr. Swiss, going shopping and assisting on relieving the pain where I can. Life is not fun as the bones no longer work, are worn down,  or other parts of the human body. Things arrive in daily life that you just never thought would arrive.

Of course there is much worse. A terminal illness, a cancer threat, I could make a list. Up to now I manage, but one day I might not be able to manage. A cause might be to revise the derelict British National Health Service, to enable my dad to get the tablets that would help better with his leg pains than the cheap rubbish he is now getting, but it all costs money and the best treatment in England is only there if you can afford it.

So let us leave those causes to people that think they know how to handle them.

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  1. You're right about seeing things differently as you get older. I used to get involved in causes when i was younger, even went of a few protest marches. Now I'm older, I think more like you do.

    My cause this week has been to not let my back problem be too much of a problem. To that end I've dosed up on anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen and applied endless heat-packs. As a result I've not had to take any time off work.

    1. At the moment Mr. Swiss and I are both taking Spiralgin, me for my arm and Mr. Swiss for his back problems. It helps but makes you a bit dopy. That is why I only take one in the evening and at lunch time before having a sleep for a couple of hours. At least the pain is disappearing from my arm and I can blog again. I think I had bloggers arm and Mr. Swiss has drummers back.

  2. I don't think I've ever been involved in any actual "causes". I had a "Rap group" when I was a teenager, sort of counseling troubled youth when I was not much more than a teenager myself. Maybe I need to find a cause to be involved in, now. I received a pamphlet from a young lady today outside my school from some Vegan Society about animal abuse. I guess by abuse they mean killing and eating of animals. That seems an extreme outlook. We are practically (not entirely) vegan.

    btw, I love this pic! You look so cute!

    I'm with Mitch on the doses of ibuprofen for the back. It's the only thing that seems to work for me. I'm not familiar with Spiralgin. I'll have to google that one. It's rough growing old. Lots of oweee's at this age. I think I creak when I get up in the morning! Takes a bit of stretching to get the kinks out. My back is especially stiff in the morning.

    I think taking care of Mr Swiss is a noble cause! ; )