Sunday, 15 September 2013

Images and Words: Week 228 - The Kitchen - What is it for you?


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  1. What,,,, no FOOD?

    Nice kitchen Pat....humorous words!

    ( Just wanted to say I post in FB only unless I host that particular week in I"W. The format in each site is very different so it requires more than a simple copy/paste....I've gotten lazy~ LOL )

    1. This was between meals and I rarely have food just standing around in the kitchen. I cannot understand the sudden exodus to Facebook by various groups and I do not want to belong to any FB groups. The only one I belong to is Barry's Eye of the Beholder because it does not exist otherwise. I have my own page in FB for cross posting from WordPress blogs and that does it for me. I just like to keep in contact with a few friends and relations in FB, but the rest does not interest me at all.

  2. Very nice 'Operations Center'. I presume you have a great time in it...