Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Creative Challenge 267: Corner

She lived in Corner Town, tucked away in a corner of the country.
in a house at the corner of the street.
In the house where she lived there were many corners.
A corner of her mind told her that corners were everywhere and she was happy with her corners.
Each room had four corners, or were there more corners?

Her husband returned from his soccer match.
They had won the game, he scored a corner goal.
A celebration was held at the Corner Bar.
to be found in Corner Street.

She had a shock when they left Corner Town for a holiday.
She was confused, was lost as well as her husband.
On the first day they decided to take a walk and …….
there were no corners, just straight roads leading on and on.
They returned to the cottage where they were staying.
She did not like the cottage, it was a completely round building.
And …. there were no corners in the cottage

The moral of this story – do not trust a town or road without corners.

or a straight road

On the Road from Deitingen to Derendingen

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  1. Even if you like corners, can you avoid what's straight or round?

  2. I believe you have cornered your corners quite well.! :-)

  3. If all you ever lived in was a round house, I suppose corners would be really odd...a thought provoking poem and a good photo to accompany it!

  4. They weren't from Holland, then, I guess!!! LOL. Good one, Pat.

  5. You really have great imagination writing story...perfect for this photo.

  6. you really cornered the theme :P great write and photo!

  7. When you live in a round house there are no corners to hide in.....

  8. Excellent, excellent! One of my friends lives in a round house... I'm not sure I would like to live in a house without corners...