Tuesday, 13 August 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUNNY.

Nera the cat had a haircut

My chief feline Nera (now known as Puss in boots) is still not laughing at her new, healthy, summer hair style. She got so fed up with being the feline joke of the family that she decided to disappear from my camera range.

What is funny and what is not funny? We all have our own ideas probably. Mr. Swiss now and again tells me that not everyone shares your strange and twisted sense of humour. Perhaps it is a good thing that I have someone to watch over me. I often wonder how my humour comes across in my blogs, and I truly hope that no-one is insulted or annoyed by my quirky look on the world. Basically I have a black humour. I can find amusement in some things that others do not.

I remember a scene in a TV programme which still stays in my mind, from Dave Allen, the late Irish Comedian. I even found it on YouTube. It shows what happens when you have two funerals and only one place in the cemetery. I can imagine not everyone’s idea of humour, but mine, just to illustrate what I mean.

Off limits for me are films shown on television of children that may have an accident due to a childish prank or event. I read somewhere that there are parents actually staging such situations so that the film would be shown on a television programme. This is more than twisted, just plain sick.

It is strange how various countries have their own way of laughing at jokes. John Cleese in his Monty Python programme brought The Ministry of Silly Walks or there was the well-known Dead Parrot Sketch. I could roll on the floor with laughter watching these two films. Another memory I have is of the late Tony Hancock, another English comedian, who decided to become a blood donor. The nurse pricked his finger for a sample, and he decided fine now I am going home. “Oh no” the nurse said “that was just to find the blood group, we need a pint for a donation.” Tony Hancock said in disgust “What? Are you vampires?” or something like that. It must have been good because that was about fifty years ago and I still remember it. If it is witty I can laugh, especially if it is the so-called dry humour.

We even have Swiss humour and a few good comedians, but that would be too complicated to show here as the jokes are all in Swiss German. One particular person is Emil who liked to imitate people in everyday situations with humour. There is an Italian film series, Don Camillo and Pepone, a catholic priest and a communist party leader in an Italian village, but they always seem to find a solution at the end of the film.The French comedian Bourvil is another favourite of mine, a simple man involved in situations which often get out of control. On the other side of the Pond. Phil Silvers and his army soldier Doberman was also humour at its best. I have seen a few Japanese comedy programmes, but there I have a problem. I do not understand their sense of humour so well.

It is interesting how different countries, different nationalities, have their own way of understanding humour and interpreting a humorous situation.

My felines do not have a sense of humour. If I throw them a kit-bit and it disappears in a crack in the concrete or lands in a thicket of grass, I might laugh, but my felines do not laugh. After searching for some minutes they return and ask for more with an accompanying meow and perhaps a raised paw with claws protruding.

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  1. I have a very broad sense of humour. I laugh at many different kinds of things. You have mentioned some of my favourites in your post. Dave Allen was a brilliant comedian. BTW....Phil Silvers' character was Bilko, Doberman was one of his 'sidekicks'. I like really clever word-play. The late Ronnie Barker was excellent at that kind of humour. I like one-liner jokes. One if the best one-liner comedians is Tim Vine. I also love visual humour, this is probably the most universally appreciated type, because it doesn't require understanding a language. I think this is why the old silent comedies are still so funny. Buster Keaton was one of the all-time greats.

    1. Oh, I forgot to say...if you like a humourous play on words....see my Creative Challenge entry :-))