Saturday, 10 August 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEAUTY.

So let’s get the Beauty thing behind us and then continue with my tears.

Kerria japonica

I do not need spectacular views of flower beds to show beauty. I could have shown one of my self-portrait photos, but that is a matter of taste. Yesterday the prompt was about smell and as I possess the largest nose in the area, a self portrait would have been ideal. No, I am showing the photo of a single Kerria Japonica. I have a complete bush of them, but the beauty can be shown by a single perfect flower.

Now to the teary crying bit: I am not a sloppy sentimental person. There are things that move me to tears, I am human (somewhere inside there is a heart that is actually made of flesh and blood). Give me an animal film to watch and I am crossing fingers and hoping that no animal gets killed. I cannot even watch a nature film in the wilds. There are too many true to life scenes that make me feel sad. Every day I see news reports of human disasters, but somehow human nature becomes hardened and everything just runs away like water on a duck’s back. We have so much war and atrocities in the world, all carried out in the name of territorial and religious disputes, so let us put that to one side. I do not cry, just shake my head in desperation.

The challenge says moved to tears by something beautiful. Not my type of thing. I can appreciate beauty like looking in the mirror visiting an art exhibition perhaps, although that can be a little difficult. When flowers and scenery resemble a misplaced cube with a triangle I have difficulty. In a surrealist way, clocks suspended on tree branches or heads hidden by a green apple (can you hear me Salvador Dali and Margritte) I do see a fascinating beauty, but I am not moved to take out my handkerchief and shed a few tears.

I am often nearly moved by beauty if I see a wonderful piece of jewellery, but that has more to do with the price label.

By the way we have a little problem in Switzerland with some sort of spoilt American called Oprah Winfrey. She is visiting Switzerland to attend the glorious, glamorous and expensive wedding of Tina Turner who seems to have found the toy boy man of her life. Unfortunately Oprah visited a luxury shop in the golden mile in Zürich and wanted to see a Tom Ford Jennifer handbag. The shop assistant apparently said no as the price was $38,000 and she found it would be too expensive for the customer. Just imagine the shop owner did not recognise this person. Being quite honest I would not have recognised her either. Oprah has made this public with accusations of racism etc. to the Swiss and everyone now thinks we Swiss are a bunch of racists. You know what I think Oprah Winfrey should be punished for encouraging the killing of animals for their skins. There I could cry, Oprah is still counting her millions in her bank account. Anyhow anyone interested read here.

If my son brought home a green Martian lady with eight arms and wanted to marry her it would be his choice: racism my foot, more like a chance of publicity and the stupid Swiss government even found an apology necessary.

So back to my tears which do not exist for beauty. I could cry every day when I take a walk outside, a car trip to the local supermarket by just observing the beauty around me. We take it for granted, but we do not need to visit an exhibition or see a film to appreciate it, we just have to open our eyes.

There are beautiful films and even beautiful books, but they do not move me to tears. I just have an internal appreciative feeling. Of course, this is just me, and I know many that wip out the handkerchief to dry their eyes at such influences. I am more likely to cry with laughter, but that is another prompt story.

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  1. I see beauty in so many things, as you can see from my photography. But tears? No, a smile and an appreciation of that beauty suffices for me.

  2. I have to express my sorrow about the incident with Oprah Winfrey in your country. Oprah grew into an media icon here in the States. She was probably miffed that she wasn't recognized. There has been public discussion here about racial profiling and Oprah may believe that she must always voice that issue wherever she travels. Oprah has always raised consciousness about many issues in America. There was a great deal of media coverage about a murder trial in Florida where the victim was black. There is too much here to discuss. It was probably extreme to judge the Swiss as racist. Your nation doesn't share the history of racism with our nation.
    I am saddened when I read how Americans are perceived, specially when it is someone who has contributed to many worthy causes.

    1. Thanks for responding. Actually it is a strange world. Today our local Swiss paper had a follow up to the whole thing, which for me makes Oprah a person really searching for the limelight. It is just a shame that this article is not available in English, as I am sure that no english press article would print it. It seems Oprah, on leaving Switzerland, praised everything about Switzerland. The hotel was the best she had ever experienced, she had a wonderful time in Zürich. I was not sure yesterday, but now know definitely it was a crocodile skin bag. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for people supporting the killing of crocodiles for their skin. I think the problem is that no-one really knows Oprah Winfrey in Switzerland as you say. My daughter (step) has three boutiques in Zürich and has never had a problem. The Swiss may be slowly becoming racist, but we do have a problem. The country acts as a magnet for refugees from oppressed countries in Europe. Unfotunatly not all these refugees are escaping from oppression. There are many criminals using the opportunity to enter Switzerland.

    2. The UK is in the same boat as Switzerland having opened its doors to all and sundry. And sadly we now read on a daily basis, of the foreign criminals who have perpetrated society. I have no problem with an ethnic mix but I do have a problem when those who come in, feel that whatever they did in their own countries is acceptable in ours. Not just that - we are entertaining hate preachers who stir young people into terrorist activity including committing murder in broad daylight on a London street. If that makes me a racist, then I probably am. Which is ironic considering that my husband is black!

      I`m not sure that Oprah Winfrey needs to seek limelight or why she would reveal the encounter after the event. I don't envy her her wealth and neither do I have a problem with how she spends it. A crocodile handbag is not for me because apart from the morality behind it, I don't like them when they're alive! We know from what Oprah has done in the past that she is a generous woman and putting her wealth into helping the less fortunate can only be commended.

      Thank God for beauty and the beauty of your blog. Happy Sunday!