Monday, 26 August 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny? 

What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know? Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.

Nera watching a bird programme on TV

There are times in the life of a feline when we find something funny. Note the feline does not find it funny; it is pursuing a serious quest, observing a large bird sitting in a nest. Perhaps the feline, known as Nera, believes that this is reality. The bird might fall out of the nest, and a tasty meal will be waiting. We humans see this from a different point of view. Nera is sitting on the floor in the living room watching the TV. We consider this funny, so funny, that Mrs. Human grabs her DSLR camera and hopes that Nera stays for a few minutes to take the Wildlife photo of the year (we return to awards – ah, that was yesterday). You may think this is not wildlife, just a housecat. For Nera there is no such thing as a house cat, she is special execution, as all felines, and does not intend to be the joke of the family.

I do not actually consider myself funny, although perhaps a golden oldie at a local pop concert with her son might be thought of as such. I was going yesterday to watch Philipp Blue Doegg Gerber with J.C.Wirth and Fready Steady but the weather was not so good, so I stayed at home. You have never heard of these musicians from my adopted home town of Solothurn? Here is a sample (bear with the Swiss German at the beginning, you get some good bluesy music eventually).

My humour is perhaps on the dark side of life, not that I enjoy a good murder, but I do tend to find things funny that others may not. I have discovered on my ironic, sarcastic, incomprehensible journey through life, that you can find humour in everything. Mr. Swiss is not always the same opinion, finding that not everyone may understand my humour. Me? I am 66 years old, do not know how long I will be around, so let us make the most of the time that is left. Not that I endeavour the happiest funeral of all time, but I hope someone peps it up with a good speech.

I find there are always situations where a touch of humour could lighten things up. We once had a boss in the office. He was OK, the sonny boy, god’s gift to women (so he thought). As a boss he left you in peace with the work, just saying “make sure that is fixed”. How you fixed it he never wanted to know. One Christmas I decided to brighten up the department which was filled with boring desks, telephones and shelves of files, garnished with computers, terminals and their connecting wires. To add a touch of nature to the department we had a large palm tree. Actually it was mine, but in the way at home, so I took it to the office to add some highlights to our office routine. I had bought some Christmas goodies in the local supermarket, chocolate covered Santa Claus, edible tree decorations and some sparkly tinsel to drape over the branches. OK, not exactly for a palm tree, but we did not have a Christmas tree. Everyone was thrilled in the deparment (5 young ladies waiting for Mr. Right) and our boss? He entered the department in the early morning hours, cried for his coffee (poor man never learnt now to operate a coffee machine – not a man’s job I suppose) and his eyes found the palm tree. He ate a chocolate Christmas star, and then asked what that was supposed to be, studying the bright and shiny palm tree – with Christmas lights of course and looked at me. So as I said, and as Mr. Swiss had often told me, not everyone shares my taste in humour. I think Scrooge boss never knew what humour was.

The funniest person I know has not yet been created. He is distributed according to what he is doing, where he is and whether it appeals to my black and morbid sense of humour. Seriously speaking, I suppose humour is an important part of my life. In every dark corner, there is a spark of amusement, you sometimes have to search, but it is there.

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  1. I see Wordpress are short on ideas again. Wasn't that long ago they had a very similar prompt, I seem to remember.

    I have a very broad sense of humour. Many different things make me laugh.