Monday, 12 August 2013

Creative Challenge 264 - Hanging in the balance

The First Cucumber 2013

A seed fought its way through dangers
Braved the onslaught of a snail tribe
Cared for by the attention of my gardening gift
Fed with fertiliser
Drenched with a daily serving of water
Exposed to showers and storms
Survival of the fittest
Exhausted from a battle for a healthy life
This cucumber was a successful cucumber
The happiest cucumber in the garden
He is not yet ready, still has some time to grow
What a proud cucumber he will become
I am so looking forward to a fresh cucumber salad
garnished with dill, growing in the same garden
Do not shed a tear for this cucumber
There will be many more – I hope
Yes the life of this cucumber is hanging in the balance
When it is served on my plate

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  1. gez, never thought I would weep for a cucumber...LOL~

    PLEASE don't eat HIM!

  2. sounds delicious!
    I only had four cucumbers this year before it got too hot!

  3. Excellent photo and poem. I also like your header photo of Solothurn very much - looks like a lovely place to live.

  4. Very nice capture of this cute cucumber, I like those fresh green colors.

  5. Hi Pat!! Great shot of the cucumber, and a great story of how he is born to be eaten :-))

  6. Excellent shot of the cucumber. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn't accept cucumbers. Love how your words describe the life of a cucumber, from the very early stage until your palate can enjoy it...

  7. Yummy! poor cucumber , lucky you

  8. Gardening has inspired may great writers over the centuries. It is said that Danto paused just before his descent to say, "Lettuce pray." Poe wrote about his garden in "The Telltale Chard." Even Pappa Hemmingway was so touched by the demise of his garden plants that he wrote, "Ask not for whom the bell peppers toll..."

    Hope all is well in the land of the Yodel and the the holey cheese (or is that "holy cheese?"