Thursday, 25 July 2013

WordPess Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDSHIP.

Children playing Friedhofplatz Solothurn

This is friendship as I also knew it as a kid. Did not matter where and when, but the main thing was you did it together. I took the photo just by chance last week in town sitting in a street café and the children were just having fun together: climbing part of one of the remaining pieces of an old Roman wall still preserved in our town which was established when Julius Ceaser and his merry centurions decided to discover Europe.

Now to me: My closest friend is ……. Yes, you have it. I, Me and Myself. It is not that I am neglected, not wanted, disowned but really WordPress Daily Prompt: is it really your business and are you really interested to know the company I keep. I am sure that those friends still remaining also do not want their photo, descriptions and declarations of love plastered all over Internet for the world to see.

“Yes Mrs. Human, you have hit the human nail on the head.”

Nera, the chief feline arrives and continues her sermon.

“We felines have absolutely no use for a friend, the word does not even exist in meow.”

“But Nera, I have noticed that you sometimes let Fluffy have a nibble at a mouse you have terminated.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human. I had already terminated two mice and was no longer hungry, so I couldn’t care less who ate the third mouse. It is just a question of territorial rights. First come, first served, and if there is anything left, then who cares. It is written in the book of Bast.”

“Oh, I see” a normal answer from a feline, I suppose. The only time they share anything is when the mother cat supplies milk.

“Not even then” said Tabby, Nera’s litter sister. “If the milk tap is empty, then you have to wait until it fills up. Nera was always the first on the tap, that is why she is big and fat, she would even give me a kick with her back leg to make sure she had first drink.”

“Tabby I am not fat, it is fluff, how often do I have to say that? You were just slow on the paws. I was faster and fitter than you were.”

“Ok, felines, but now back to my bloggy exercise about my friends.”

“Mrs Human you belong to three felines, you do not have friends.”

“I have Mr. Swiss, he is my best friend.”

“He doesn’t count” said Nera. He is your mate. Mates do not count; do you see felines walking around paw in paw with the other sort? No, not necessary, we are independent and only need a mate to maintain the species. I, Tabby and Fluffy have no part in maintaining the species after our unforgettable visit to the vet. Not that I am sorry about that, at least we do not have screaming demanding kittens to bother about: nothing worse than having to look after kittens in need. When I think of your overgrown kitten that is sometimes on a visit ……..”

And Tabby and Fluffy stamped their paws in approval.

“Felines you are really selfish.”

“Mrs. Human, the word selfish does not exist in meow.”

I decided to leave the conversation, if it was a conversation. More a lecture from a Queen feline telling us humans that we have got it all wrong. Who needs friends when you have three felines? Huh!

Where is Tabby

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  1. Obviously, my closest friend is Joanne. Which is funny, when you think about it, as she's not that close in terms of where she lives, but you know what I mean :-)) Other than that most of my friends I only know over the internet.