Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Avocado is growing

Some time ago I had an avocado stone that started to grow. Here is a link to my blog all about it The Birth of an Avocado Tree showing a few photos of the beginning.

 After planting it in a hydroponic way (hydrokultur in German, I just do not know the english word), I was worried as the Spring weather was not ideal for growing. I left it in a warmer place outside but it did not seem to do a lot. At last the Summer is here, just the thing for an avocado that only knows sun, fun and nothing to do but grow and now it is growing. So three months later, this is my mini avocado tree. In Winter I will have to take it inside, as avocados have seen snow or lived in icy temperatures. What could possibly happen, it can only grow. In a few years, when I am still here, I hope to show a photo of the first harvest.

The avvocado in July 2013


  1. It's doing nicely after a slow start :-)) How big do avocado trees grow?

  2. Looking Good Pat a very interesting post I always loose mine in winter;)