Sunday, 2 June 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOST.


These two pigs were definitely lost when my Mr. Swiss met them. He was on the way home on a country path when they were trotting along as if nothing had happened. Probably the great escape from a nearby farm. I do not know if they found the way home, but I did not read in the local newspaper that two pigs had been found, whether anyone lost them.

Otherwise I am losing myself all the time these days. When you hair gets a little greyer, you do not run any more to get the bus, and picking up something that falls on the floor is more an adventure than a simple exercise, you realise that things are not what they used to be. I lose myself in simple activities all day long, but sometimes it can be fun.

Not that I am a perfect housewife, but once I go to work with the hoover and the mop I am lost. I have one thing in mind, to finish the job and admire the result. I actually like cooking. Once a plan has been made what to cook, I am lost in my spices and ingredients. A simple salad sauce has unknown possibilities to drift away. Out in the garden cutting the herbs, mixing the ingredients; chopping the onions, crushing the garlic and putting in the spices. The final touch with the olive oil and wine vinegar is a triumph and the creation is finished. I just find that no matter how hard the task is, if you get lost when doing it, it is no longer work but a rewarding pastime.

We all have our hobbies and favourite things to do and with time I have found my little zone(s). I am retired the kids are no longer kids, so when the “have to’s” are done, I can do the “want to’s”. I love writing. I do not care what I write; sometimes when I get a prompt I do not even know what I want to write about. As soon as the computer is all systems go, I switch into Word and just start. It then starts flowing and it all seems to take shape. Sometimes I dislike the daily prompt, it is not my sort of subject and I have to think about it. Afterwards, when it is finished, I ask myself what the problem was. I wonder how you all manage with the ideas for these prompts.

I have a reading zone. Give me a book and I am lost. I read almost everything. Generally in the evening when the TV is running I am lost in a book (Kindle version). I do not have clue what the TV programme is about when I am reading. To be quite honest I make a couple of exceptions watching a soap called “East Enders” on a British TV channel, or perhaps a cooking programme anywhere in Europe.

Another zone of forgetfulness is photography, but there I have to be very careful. Armed with my camera (either the Panasonic Lumix or the Nikon D7000) I am lost in looking and clicking. Here there is a small problem. I am accident prone, like putting my foot down in the wrong place, which could be a steep unexpected curb or slippery surface, resulting in an accident, in the worst case accompanied with a sprain or a few broken bones – been there done that. When you are concentrating on a photographic image with thoughts on winning a Pulitzer Prize for the perfect photo, I am alone in the world. I see only the image and everything else disappears. This sometimes results in the image being blurred as I lose my balance and fall. Needless to say when I go out with the big camera, everyone is happy to see me again when I arrive home in one piece.

So I have finished my daily prompt, wrote a load of zoney stuff which sort of flowed from my typing finger tips. Now to save the whole thing in Word, transplant it into Word Press and afterwards do a copy/paste in Blogger. The third step is cross post in Facebook. The Twitter bit does it all by itself.

I sometimes wonder (another zone) whether one day when I am in the eternal blogging grounds, whether my efforts will be discovered by a future generation


  1. You've pretty much covered the things that I can 'get lost' in. Most particularly when on a photographic day out. The whole world could have vanished in a puff of smoke, I am concentrating so hard on getting that perfect macro!! I can also get lost in a good book or movie. But the best way of getting lost I've found so far is driving in the great open spaces of the American South-West. Of course, with a GPS, it's not so easy, but we usually manage it at least a couple of times!!

  2. Do we all 'get lost' in what we are doing at the time....or just some of us? I'm lost all the time except......
    (I seem to never get lost making my way to the kitchen or the loo....LOL)

    Loved this post. Pat!

  3. I love being able to go on automatic pilot when I am doing anything, not such a good idea when I am driving though. That is becoming to be a problem, enough to make me think I should get rid of my car.My mind takes off to wherever it wants to go, I arrive where I'm ment to be woundering how the hell I got there.

    Great post Pat, I have been missing these.