Saturday, 8 June 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Privacy

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRIVATE.

One day old calf recovering from his birth

The fact that I am writing a blog is already doing all the internet spies a favour. I just have to write a few words which have been noted by the CIA, FBI, NSA, Google, Facebook, the Chinese government, probably MI5 as well as deuxieme Bureau as being suspicious, and I am sure that I am on the list for a worthwhile examination. If I write a recipe for baking a cake, it will be examined for contents which may be useful for terrorists. Having Swiss/British nationality does not help things – I am probably earmarked as someone to be kept under observation.

How do I manage my online privacy? There is only one way to do that, throw the computer out of the window, cancel your online status and start collecting stamps, do some knitting or dressmaking. Even reading could be dangerous, you might be reading the wrong books, and if you discuss the books you are reading with your friends, they might tell other people about it. The walls even have ears, so trust no-one.

As soon as I write a blog in WordPress, or anywhere for that matter, and I use the pronoun “I” the trouble starts. I am talking about myself, I am telling people what I am doing, how I live, perhaps mentioning other people by name (that is why I always say Mr. Swiss when talking about my other half), Internet is not safe, but if you know that, then there will be no unpleasant surprises.

How can I protect myself? Basically that is not possible, but you can do your best. You can assume a different name like Angloswiss, although if you are in Facebook you can learn all the sordid details laying behind the name. I am even trusting and stupid enough to leave links all over the place. If you enter “tabbynera” or “angloswiss” in Google you can read my life story.

Never inform your private telephone number online. Now that was easy to do, but there is now something new. Facebook or Google+ might lose your details so if you give them your mobile number they can send you an SMS with a code and everything is recovered. Many say never, I am not giving them my mobile number. Those organisations say it will all be kept secret and never told to anyone else, but it seems to be the only way you can rescue lost data. I have registered mine and it has served its purpose. At my age there is not much to lose any more. They do not usually arrest 66 year old female traitors living in Switzerland ((I hope). I often wonder what happens if you do not have a mobile telephone.

I avoid talking about my too private life in Internet. I often write a fiction story to avoid personal details or my three felines feature in a prompt. Even the felines are complaining that I am giving too much information to other felines in connection with territorial rights, or there is always a plate of tuna to be had at Mrs. Human’s place.

I am often astonished at the rubbish people write in Facebook. They are off to do housework, which is annoying. Their son has just called in. They miss people that died many years ago. The washing machine has broken down. They are going to buy a new car. Why do I read that rubbish?: because they write it all for everyone to see and because it is there probably.

So drawing to a conclusion I should not be writing this blog. WordPress can close down their daily prompt shop and I am safe. On the other hand life is boring without a daily prompt, I love WordPress, and how else will I be discovered to win a Nobel Prize for literature if not here in WordPress.

I wonder if George Washington knew what he was doing when he decided to kick out the British and start his own country. (Let’s see if that last remark has injured international relationships between Britain and the States and whether I will suddenly make headlines in the newspaper). I would add as a positive point, I hate Wikileaks. They once caused my post office account to be blocked for a day in Switzerland because of an overload caused by some Wikileaks reason. No-one blocks my Swiss post office account.


  1. It's pretty simple really. If you don't want the whole world to know....don't post it online!!

    Love that photo of the calf :-))

  2. melanie jean juneau
    you won an award, your choice out of 6