Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN.

Seriously, my deepest forbidden secrets that no-one should know, like when I stabbed…… or poisoned ………

“Daily Prompt lend me your ear: whisper, whisper, whisper. What did you say, no never, put it in words on paper and write a confession? You must be joking, they would never let me get away with it. My keyboard is sealed, but if you insist, here are a couple of forbidden photos. No, don’t worry, they are not x-rated, although the first one could be considered as group sex.


There are some things we do not talk about

The Skeleton

And close your eyes if you cannot bear this – death in the grass

Bobinette and the mouse


  1. I guess this is one of those Daily Prompts that make no sense "write about something you'll never write about??" Makes no sense at all.

    Good, and amusing, selection of photos though :-))

    1. I just do it my way when they start running out of ideas

  2. I agree with Mitch..."tell us about something you would never write about"....excuse me but is this not a writing challenge????

    the orgy.....the death in the grass and the skeleton 'not in the closet' are all hilarious.....

    4 1/2 gold stars( if I gave you 5 it would look like it was a 'fixed' rating...LOL )

  3. hahahah love your take on the prompt