Saturday, 4 May 2013

WordPress Freshly Pressed

freshly pressed

There are times in the blogging world when you might despair, posting blogs that no-one or very few read, not to mention a comment. When Multiply, my old blogging site collapsed, I had the same problems as most of us - where to go. I was always backing up my Multiply site, so automatically drifted to Blogger. I also had a second back-up at WordPress. With time I realised that WordPress had the most to offer for me. Writing is my main interest and WordPress have a lot to offer in that direction. Daily Prompts, Weekly Prompts as well as photography sites, they always start their postings with "We love bloggers" and I must say they have now proved to me that they even read the hundreds of blogs they receive daily.

New themes are always being developed and you are informed through your site how they look and what they offer. Some cost money, many are free with an option to build in other features which would cost money. I have never paid anything. I am satisfied with how I can construct my site and as many know WordPress has become my main blogging station. I get a lot of interaction from others and have met many new friends.

Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from the WordPress people yesterday telling me that one of my blogs had been featured on their freshly pressed site. This is a site where they pick out various blogs and highlight them. They also informed that I would probably get quite a feed back and my widget was ready to be put on my site. They were not kidding. Today I got 300 views on my site and my award winning blog Weekly Writing Challenge: A Manner of Speaking had a record amount of visitors.

So please allow me this little bit of showing off, I have been blogging for more than five years and when something like this happens you have a sort of satisfied feeling.


  1. Congratulations, Pat!! I've always enjoyed your writing, so it comes as no surprise to me that others recognise it's unique quality and style :-))

  2. Hey, no surprise here either. Congratulations! I don't tend to comment much on the blogs from prompts and photograph sites, but I do often read them, so don't despair!