Sunday, 26 May 2013

Images and Words 212 Correspondence

Tabby shows her teeth

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  1. Cats ability to make these expressions while yawning or catching scents in the air...cracks me up. I have a pic of my Callie and it looks as if she is sobbing her heart out...LOL

    Love this shot and the caption is purrrfect since Tabby looks ferocious and explains the absence of the mailman!!! Too funny!!!

  2. Very funny entry! Looking at Tabby's facial expression there is no doubt about her words... Hope the mailman will change his mind and starts delivering mail that will make him smile...

  3. LOL!! Indeed the mailman prefers not get painful scratches from those claws and nasty bites from those sharp fangs.

  4. lol, this one would go viral on Facebook, Pat! I love it!!!

  5. LOL~ I love this post!! To funny. Yes everyone on facebook would love this one. LOL
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