Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Creative Challenge #251 - Searching


Looking for Fluffy is not an easy task. It has to be planned, organised. Something like a Geo hunt, but this time no-one leaves a message in a box and there are no directions. You have to walk like a feline and think like a feline.

Blind felines are not easy to find if unleashed, as they do not know where they are going. It is more luck than judgement, but it can be done as Mr. Swiss and I have often proved.

It was time for the evening meal on the porch. The table was set, the food ready (luckily a cold meal).

“Where’s Fluffy?”

“Outside fastened to his post on his lead”

“Errrr….. I let him in”

“And you didn’t shut the window”

“OK, I will go and search.”

I will not go into details who did what but I was the one who went searching. Grabbed my mobile and the cat lead and I was off. No Fluffy to be seen. Ask the first neighbour comfortably seated in the garden eating with her husband.

“Have you seen a small white cat. He is blind.”

Answer: “No, but will let you know if we see him.”

On the search I passed the neighbour’s across the way, who were also sitting outside. They saw me but ignored me. They do not talk to anyone, but they saw me walk pass twice. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss was also part of the search party, but no Fluffy. I saw Nera and Tabby, my other two felines. I asked them if they had seen Fluffy, but they just kept on walking. Remind me to strike their tuna ration this week.

After ten minutes my mobile rang. It was Mr. Swiss. At the same time I saw Mr. Swiss trying to hold a writhing white curly furred feline who goes by the name of Fluffy.

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  1. thank goodness Mr. Swiss found Fluffy
    and shame on the neighbors who don't speak!

  2. It's always pleasant reading your little story. :)

  3. Yes!! thank goodness Fluffy was found and is safe! What a tale, Pat.
    (I was panicky just reading this LOL )

  4. we all need to take walks , sometimes we do it blindly, Fluffy's bit of freedom was needed :-)

  5. Fluffy may be blind, but he still likes a bit of adventure!!

  6. The lost is found, rejoice!

  7. A pleasurable read to start my day... Thank you!

  8. A wonderful morning read with my coffee thanks Pat;)