Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Creative Challenge 249: Pout

Pansy Close-up

No, I am not sulking
Just the way I grow
Have a permanent pout
Do not feel low
If you were a pansy
You would know how I feel
The blues and the yellow
Have a much better deal
I am a dark one
Lots of red marks
I might not be pretty
but am in lots of parks
Some find me pretty
Others find me plain
But all leave me growing
Alone in the rain
I smiled for your photo
You have a lot of doubt?
It is just the way I look
And no, I do not pout.

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  1. come to think of it they do look pouty :)
    I like the verse and the detail on the pansy very much!

  2. poor little's no less beautiful.

    your verse and photo are cheery...not pouty

  3. Pansies are some of my favourite flowers. I find them very pretty and have never thought they might look pouty, do they? Very pretty poem, Pat!

  4. Fantastic pout. Love the pic and the verse.

  5. Love it Pat a great take on the theme;)

  6. What a lovely pansy! you write perfect verse for this theme.