Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Imperfection

Imperfections - in things, in people, in places - add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

yellow flower in April

Quite simple really. Nothing and no-one is perfect, so imperfections are not an additional character to life, they are part of life. Take this photo of a flower that I discovered last week blossoming in my garden. I did not plant it, it just appeared. Perhaps it is a weed, but for me something unique. I am still trying to find out what the name of this yellow flower is. Some gardners may find it disturbing to have such an invader, but I consider it something special and has added character to my garden.

On the other hand there are imperfections that I absolutely do not cherish, one being that the daily prompt arrived at my lattitude at ten o’clock in the evening, instead of two o’clock in the afternoon. I am in Switzerland and not in the States, so I am not so happy. I will be sleeping the sleep of the imperfect in about two hours, and will not have time to write my prompt tomorrow morning.

In this case it will be a short prompt today, thanks to the imperfection of WordPress which is human. We all make mistakes. I decided to make the most of the imperfect situation and changed my WordPress theme. I also finished reading my book making the most of the imperfect situation.

And now I can put my computer to bed. It is not used to being used so late and usually lets its kid brother, the iPad, do the work in the evening. Life can sometimes be so wearisome with unexpected imperfections, but perhaps that is what it is all about. These things are sent to test our patience and understanding, and as Daily Prompt nicely states, they add character to life.


  1. At first glance I thought those flowers were Dandelions, but when I looked closer I saw that the similarity was only superficial. The stems and buds clearly show they are not Dandelions. Hope you find out what they are.

    Talking of imperfections, I saw on your last post that you were being plagued by those annoying spammers again. I've not had any visits from them, although I know several other friends who have. I noticed one thing common to the spammers...they all use 'anonymous' posting. I have my comments set not to allow anon posting, which may be why I've not been bothered by them.

    Are you still ok to host the 'Picture This' challenge this coming weekend?

    1. I used to have anonymous blocked and changed it, my problem. Otherwise the date is marked on my computer, iPad, iPhone and engraved in my golden oldie brain. Will be there this week-end, probably tomorrow evening as I do not have so much time on saturday morning.

    2. OK, thanks again Pat :-)) Have fun with that. Will see you upon my return from my trip out west.