Thursday, 18 April 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to spend a day as you and what do you hope they learned from the experience?

Fountain in Solothurn

First of all I could not imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to be me for a day. Sometimes I wish I was not me, but then not only a day, but much longer. If you are me you are clothes size 46 in European size, meaning that you can be lucky if you find a shop that sells the stuff so large. Even shoe sizes are minimalised to size 41, and I am size 42. I used to be size 40, but it seems that the older you get everything expands, even the feet. Gone are the days when a size 40 would cover not only the feet, but also the body.

The consequence being that I would love to be a size 40, but not only for a day, for the rest of my stay on this planet. It is now warmer, Spring, almost Summer, so I looked into my Summer wardrobe and discovered half of the contents no longer fitted me and the rest was still the fashions of the last couple of years, where trousers were straight with a wide comfort. Today the narrow look is again called for. Thank goodness you can still buy long tops to cover the parts that get in the way when you look down at your feet and do not see them any more.

I left my home at 15.00 hours (three in the afternoon for those having a different method of time) and returned at 17.30 hours (half past five). I wish could say tired but happy. I was just tired but my mission was a success. To the left of the fountain in the photo there is a shop catering for all sizes, particularly those for elderly tall wide ladies. I found everything I wanted. I am reclothed, I can show myself again amongst people without worrying about stolen side looks from others. Just to top it off, I went to the shoe shop. I found something that appealed (the soft look), size 41. I was not really sure whether my feet were swollen after walking around town in the sunny weather, or whether I needed a larger size. I explained my predicament to the lady in the shop and she rescued me by saying they also have size 42, but not in the cellar, beause such large sizes in the lady’s department are not usually required. I did not even feel insulted, just thankful that my feet might find a shoe to fit. I tried the larger size and found, yes, this was it.

Did I relax with a book when I got home. No, I had to make room for my new clothes in my wardrobe. Easier said than done. We have a large room in the basement, known as our library, drum praticing room, or second wardrobe room. During the Winter I put my Summer clothes in the wardrobe and in Summer put my Winter clothes in the wardrobe. So I made two trips with the lift up and down and shifted all my clothes to the right place. When I had completed this exhausting work, I realised I would have to do the same with the shoes. I did not need fleece lined Winter boots during the Summer in the appartment, so another trip was made with a bag filled with Winter shoes. I brought the Summer shoes up in the same bag. I had to organise hangers for the clothes I had bought. After spending a happy hour reorganising everything I sat down for the evening meal. Thanks to Mr. Swiss, everything was already prepared. We did not speak so much to each other for a while.

So you ask me who I would like to be for a day. My answer is someone with normal sizes. On the other hand I thought someone very rich. Then I could deposit the money in my bank account in the Cayman Islands containing the five million dollars given to me by WordPress that I had to give away on a Daily Prompt. I gave it to my dad who opened an account for me in the Cayman Islands. Not that I am greedy, but if I still had all this money and more, I could afford to have my own tailoress that would make my clothes to my wishes. It would save me a marathon through the shops of Solothurn (my nearest town) looking for something to fit my alabaster body. Another problem being that Solothurn is a small market town, and does not cater for exclusive body shapes like mine. Sometimes I wish I lived in Zürich.


  1. Darling Pat, I had such a giggle, yet again, you do write with the loveliest of ease and humour and interest. I joined on WordPress, saw this one and ran the other way ........... will try again, promise, still trying to get my site up and running there.

    Now for a picture of some of your finery??? How many millions did you spend? Clothes are so expensive, I tried shopping for winter clothes on Wednesday afternoon with Melissa. We came home with nothing. All was either cheap crap Made in China or wildly expensive Made in Madagascar or Mauritius. Very little Made in South Africa, also very expensive, except for some nice warm cotton vests. Nothing that looked as if I wanted to wear it, so came home with empty hands much to the amazement of Mr T, who as Melissa said, will fall off his chairs when he sees, no bags to carry in.

    1. I have sort of fixed things I like to wear. Perhaps a matter of age, but I am no longer a teenager, and have no craving for the most modern. I took some advice from my step daughter. She has two boutiques on the edge of Zürich and will be opening a third in Zürich in the center of the town in Autumn. I went with her once when she was buying for her shops. I can tell you that really opens your eyes concerning prices. I don't want to disclose the way it works, but since then I just buy what I like and I don't care where it is made or comes from. I always wear trousers, in Summer shorter. The fashion is now a bit of a narrower fit, not so wide, so I managed get three pairs. I also bought about 6 tops, all sleeveless and summerlike to go with them. Prices reasonable. Another trick from my step daughter. It is not worth paying high prices. I can tell you, when the people buy their stuff for their stops, they all go to the same places. What they charge in the shops afterwards is a matter of price politic. I don't bother so much for Winter stuff. We have real Winters with snow and ice and you just have to dress comfortable. At home we have central heating, so I walk around in t-shirts and comfortable trousers. It might work a bit different in Suid Afrika.