Sunday, 28 April 2013

Images and Words #208: Summer and Winter Vacations

Me Adelboden images and words holiday

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  1. Wonderful shot and the words are great. Thanks for your comment.

    My entry

  2. Great capture. It is a beautiful place for a hike. Looks like you were really enjoying yourself.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on mine.

  3. Wow! Pat, this is such a precious photo of you. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us your vacation.

    My: Winter Vacation

  4. Love the photo of you. Aren't you from Switzerland? The one place everyone longs to go to.
    It is so beautiful there.. I loved it.

    1. I am "Brit" from London, but wandered off to Switzerland when I was 20 years old. A few years later I met Mr. Swiss. I have now been living in Switzerland for 46 years, so I suppose I am a little more Swiss that English now, although my mother tongue still remains English, but I speak mostly German.

    2. sounds a bit like my story, coming to South Africa for an adventure at 20 years old from Denmark, 38 years ago. How time runs.

      Fell in love and stayed.

      I am sure I am more South African than Danish, though I do speak both langues still fluently, plus a few others. We speak English at home, Afrikaans at work and Danish with some friends and German or Afrikaans with others, plus a splattering of Shona and Zulu. LOL

  5. Wow... your smile says it all...
    Very beautiful shot of you!!!

  6. the photo of you could have been beside a garbage bin and would have been wonderful....Luv it...35 years ? gosh they did go fast didn't they!

  7. wowsers, Pat, sexy sexy !!! I like !!!

    I looked in the mirror the other day and wanted to know where Me went to. Sure did not look like Me! Someone stole Me!


  8. Wow!!! Fabulous shot and beautiful memories :)

  9. Great places for vacations in Suisse... both in winter and summer :)

    Mine: Images & Words - 208 - Summer and Winter vacations

  10. What an exciting place to hike! And you look like you're truly enjoying it :-)

    Summer in Stockholm

  11. and I bet wonderful memories