Monday, 4 March 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five

There are twenty-six letters in the english language and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)

I do not feel brave today, just tired. I am still sleeping out the effects of celebrating from seven in the evening until three in the morning at my daughter’s (step) wedding reception. It was a fantastic event. We had a hotel room just around the corner to the restaurant, so no chance of escaping when we were tired. Were we tired? Not really, at least we did not feel so tired until we had to get up the next day to catch the train  from the town that belongs with the letter I am not allowed to use, but it is well known for its banks in Switzerland, back to Solothurn.

Table at Jasmine's wedding
We had a six course meal, as well as aperitifs at the bar before. It was all followed by cutting the wedding cake and everyone eating a piece. Then we were released and walked along the road back to the hotel.

We had a little problem the morning when we left home. We had to take our little blind Fluffy cat to the vet. He had a blocked gland in his eye and he was in quite a lot of pain. Eventually the blocked channel broke and his eye did not look so good. Luckily the vet said she would keep him for the week-end. We were prepared for the worst, but Fluffy is already into minus one of his nine lives, so he is now back home as if nothing had happened. We just have the problem of giving him the ointment twice a day in his eye.

Fluffy in the garden

And now to check if I have a the letter that begins the word that describes an animal with black and white stripes that looks like a stripey horse. I have checked (ctrl “f”) and no, there are no letters that would describe this animal, or even the place you can find them in countries where they do not run wild containing "oo" after the first letter which I am not allowed to mention. I bet most of us have chosen this letter.  


  1. Aha, this explains why you were so late posting for PT!! You're usually one of the first :-))

    Glad to hear Fluffy is over the worst of his ordeal (apart from the indignity of ointment, of course!! LOL).

    1. Might be a few more photos of the celebration later. I got into a detailed interesting discussion with the photographer - a young lady equipped with four lens to her Canon, although she said she is actually only using one. She sort of adopted me eventually, as we could converse on the same subject. It was a big occasion, about 60 guests. The husband owns over 110 boutiques in Switzerland with a couple of other businesses as well. My daughter owns 2 boutiques. Shame my dress size is no longer boutique size.

    2. Always interesting to find someone else with a love for photography to have a good discussion with. My friend, who I rent this cottage where I live from, told me recently that he is also friends with a well-known local professional photographer, so we're making arrangements to meet up one weekend to talk about photography, and if he is not too busy, maybe even shoot with him.

  2. Poor Fluffy. Glad you enjoyed the wedding Pat.