Monday, 11 March 2013

How do you know that Spring has arrived


If you think it is because the snowdrops are at last showing their flowers after being covered by snow, then the answer is no. You know when Spring has arrived, because you can do your ironing outside on the porch.



  1. Wow! My expectation of Switzerland is that the winters are long. Your blog entry and photo inform me that it's not so.

  2. You couldn't do that here yet, it's still too cold!!

  3. Ah! So nice!
    Spring always arrives Canada very late. :(

  4. My mother's Snowdrops and Eranthis is still covered with a layer of snow, but they are peeping out and she says 5 deg C today, so maybe, maybe.

    Here there is a nip in the air the last couple of days, some of the trees are shedding leaves, so I know Autumn is on its way, even though I am fighting it tooth and nail, have a thin vest under my T shirt this morning and has shoes on, not socks, not yet, but shoes not bare feet. *sniff*

    Temperature wise? How warm is it, for you to stand just in a T-shirt??

    1. I always wear t-shirts, Summer and Winter. At the moment we have about 12°C but we are sheltered outside, the sunny side, so it does not seem so cold.