Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Creative Challenge 243: Let’s Take a Walk

Along the River Aare, Solothurn

“Bye Mum, be back in a couple of hours” and Jeremy opened the front door.

“Where are you going son?” asked his mother

“Just for a walk mum, along the River.”

What a good idea thought his mother, at last he is not sitting in front of that computer. I am sure it is not healthy for him playing those aggressive games. All you hear are gun shots and screams and there are dead bodies laying around. She was sure this was a bad influence on his teenage life.

“Jeremy what have you got in your ears?”

“They are my earphones mum, so that I can listen to some music from my iTunes on my iPhone on the way.”

“Oh, I see, but isn’t that music a bit loud? I can hear it from the kitchen.” Jeremy’s mother was worried that her son’s hearing would suffer.

“No problem mum, I can turn it down” so Jeremy turned the music down, with the intention of increasing the volume as soon as he was out on the road.

“Although I must say Jeremy” said his mother “that I think it is very good that you are going out for some fresh air and exercise.”

“Yes mum, that is the idea. And I might do some jogging on my way, the music helps with the rhythm when I am running.”

So Jeremy left his home, his mother waved from the window, thinking how sensible her son was at last. Jeremy waved back and increased his pace. The gang was waiting further down the river. Jack had just returned from his holiday in Holland and had brought a fresh supply of weed from the coffee shops.

“Yes” thought Jeremy “there is nothing like a healthy jog along the river, meet up with some good friends and share a joint with them."

 Mum was right, it was about time he stopped playing those stupid computer games. There was a whole new world out there, just by taking a walk.

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  1. Not quite what mom had in mind!!! LOL. Good one, Pat :-))

  2. Nice place for a walk, although Jeremy was doing something quite different.

  3. Another excellent entry! Good photo of a place iniviting to a long walk... Jeremy's behaviour seems very normal for teenagers...

  4. the lesser of 2 evils: playing video games !

    Reflective of the times...excellent, Pat!

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  6. great write! this time i was expecting something unexpected and you didnt let me down!

  7. I suspect that's not quite what Mum had in mind, but at least it's getting him off the computer and out of doors.

  8. I knew this was going somewhere bad but I didn't know just how far. Another great post!

  9. This is how we want our children ;)