Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Creative Challenge 242: Waiting

Solothurn station

Waiting for the train at the busy station, she noticed him. He was tall, dressed like a business man, but had an interesting appearance. The long belted coat emphasised his size even more and he was wearing horn rimmed glasses. There was a deja vue. It was the same gentleman that was at the station a month ago. She glanced around and saw his partner.

The partner was dressed in blue jeans and a cheap leather jacket. He looked a bit scruffy with his greasy hair and cheap leather boots with run down heels. This time she was prepared. The train entered the station and there was the usual scuffle of people at the stairs. A mixture of legs, arms, suitcases and handbags. It was the handbag that she focussed on and hoped so much that it would work.

Suddenly the tall business man was on the stair, pushing behind her to get into the train compartment. Scruffy was standing on the platform with one foot on the stair. Businessman glanced down to the platform and nodded and Scruffy nodded back and then it happened.

Businessman stretched out his hand with his long fingers and dipped them into her bag. He was flink and quick and he soon felt the leather of the purse.

Businessman screamed, a piercing, painful scream. He withdrew his fingers from the handbag, not clutching a purse but having a mousetrap clamped over his fingers. It was then that he tumbled down the stairs onto the platform and lay on the platform clutching his ankle which had just received a piercing blow from her high pointed stiletto heels. Scruffy ran over to the business man.

“Where’s the purse?” he asked.

“Forget it” she said and gave him a large dose of pepper spray in his face, which did not improve his appearance, as he now had fire red eyes to match his black greasy hair. Scruffy was now also laying on the platform, rubbing his eyes.

She was happy. Those self defence lessons had paid off. After being robbed of her purse and all her credit cards a month earlier by the same men, she had decided to be prepared the next time she took a train journey. He husband had been with her to see her off at the station the first time and saw the men quickly board the train and leave quickly again. The next he heard from his wife was when she called from the next station to say that her purse had been stolen.

After a report to the police, nothing was achieved, but now she was ready. That would not happen again. She knew they would be stupid enough to try it again. They might be clever with their fingers, but intelligence was not their special gift. People’s faces were not important for them, only their possessions.

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  1. wonderful wonderful...did I say WONDERFUL!!!

    I liked the heroine...she's cool, observant, and protects what's rightfully HERS!! excellent story, Pat!!

  2. I enjoyed reading this short story. :)
    Very nice write for this photo.

  3. ready and waiting, I love it! revenge was sweet...
    I saw on the news last night that someone invented hairclips that have pepper spray inside them ;)

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  5. Nicely written, Pat!!

    I see you are being bugged by one of those braindead spammers again.

    1. I can usually delete them, but this one seems to be a bit of a problem. In WordPress they do not even let them in. They go in a spam queue and I can delete them from there.

  6. Brave and clever woman!!! Very nice entry on the theme!

  7. A little vigilante justice goes a long way. Judge Roy Bean often said, "We will give you a fair trial, then you will hang." A trap meant for larger mammals, such as a bear, might possibly guarantee that he would never do this again; even if he had the desire.

  8. YOu rock ! Wondeful short story! YOu simply have to have to publish!!!