Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Creative Challenge 241: Pursuit

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In pursuit of clothes

I discovered in our local town that out of the many boutiques and clothing shops, there are only two that cater for size 46 – my size.

I discovered that even the size 46 clothes are not size 46, but a size 44 for those that wear size 46.

I discovered that there was only one blouse that fitted my contours in the whole town.

I discovered that I am not the figure that they make clothes for today.

And I discovered a gift token for the shop where I bought my unique blouse, the only bright spot in the two hour tour of the city.

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  1. frustrating to say the reason I always seem to go back to sewing
    good entry

  2. I detest clothes pursuit never on my 'to do list!"

    it sounds like you may be inclined to wear your B'day near future.... if your size in unattainable...LOL

  3. I see you donning B'day suit in near future.....or trip to foreign country for clothes that fit...LOL

  4. How about flying to Lisbon for?... there are stores specialized in sizes over 42...
    Good write!

  5. Oh...I wish you good luck on your next shopping. :)

  6. I likes the modern manaquin.

    Pain having no shops that you can cruise through and get what you want.

    I do a lot of my shopping online now.