Sunday, 10 February 2013

WFA56 #19: Something completely different

WFA56 #19

Mum said I am something very completely different. I only see dad at full moon nights. He doesn’t like the daylight, says it interferes with his work. Now time for my feed. Today it is group A, because it is Sunday. Otherwise I just get group O on weekdays: dad flies it from the blood bank.

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  1. poor precious little child!!!!

    she's different alright!!

    quite creative I have to say...thanks for joining us Pat...gr88 to have your talent!

    We post on Friday and u have until following thurs. I will see what I can do to fill your request, too!

  2. when you have a minute....check to see if the correction has been done correctly!!

  3. *Chuckling.* Very good Pat, but then, I would know that by now. LOL

  4. Good write, Pat!!

    WFA? Not heard of that one.

    1. I only found it by coincidence, but I like a writing challenge now and again as you know. Just follow the link on my posting and you find out more. Linda and Anders are organising it. I think it is a branch out from some other site where they sometimes are. Boomer something or the other.

  5. Once again, your talent is evident... something different that I really liked...