Monday, 4 February 2013

Some local beat music

OK, bear with me, but here is some local beat music. My oldest son is quite in the scene, helping out as a roady to most of the local bands.

Here we have Freddy Steady (not his real name of course) on the drums, an ex Krokus drummer who toured in the states with the band amongst other places. The guitarist with the blond hair is J.C. Wirth. Also a local - I knew his father  who played guitar in a band that Mr. Swiss played with on the drums many years ago. Time flies, I remember him as a little boy.

Anyhow on the guitar we have Philippe Bluedög Gerber. No relation, comes from another village, but my son knows him well as he also played for the Hardcore Blues band (another local group), and commonly known as Phippu to those that know him. I do not know them personally, but they are all from our region.

I just found this video on YouTube, so thought I would blog it. I don't mind this sort of music actually, it rocks. Always did have a tendency to hard rock.


  1. Good stuff, excellent slide-guitar playing!!

  2. Rather good. I enjoyed that. J C Wirth seems a strange name to choose . . .

    1. His name is actually Jean-Claude, he just abbreviated it. These musicians seem to have their own way of doing things.

  3. Hi Pat, I really found myself foot tapping and nodding my head along to this, even twisted around in the chair a bit, sort of happy dancing ............. my way *smile*

    Thank you for sharing. They are very good!