Saturday, 12 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Take Two

Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people or scenes.

Well first of all, I do not run anywhere today. Even if I have to catch a bus or train, then as far as I am concerned if I am late then I am, and will miss the bus and train. As far as taking photos are concerned. my camera is my friend and is always with me. As I had to run outside and inside (meaning taking my time) I could use my super Nikon DSLR camera. It was just after my lunch break - you know older people need a midday sleep - and so I lesiurely took my camera outside, to the garden and this is what I found.

WordPress Daily Prompt

The table was laid for the birds, everything ready, but they also seemed to be having a midday pause in their birdie lives. Probably too full of food from the morning eating spress. Two birds were sitting in the tree digesting a few seeds and enjoying the sunny weather we have today, in spite of Winter temperatures.

And now a dash to the inside. The kitchen window was nearest and I heard movement. This would be the connection between inside and outside probably. My other half is also a golden oldie and needs a rest at lunch time and was now in movement, longing for a cup of coffee. He decided to use our George Clooney Nespresso machine, choosing one of the 10 varieties we have, but as I do not drink coffee, I do not know which one it was. Perhaps a Voluto, or an expresso, or a ristretto. In any case there was the connection. The bird food was ready for the birds and the human food was ready for the humans. Otherwise the sun was also reflecting in the kitchen and you can see the bread pile on the righthand side as this evening we will have a cheese fondue and that needs quite a lot of bread.

WordPress Daily Prompt Inside 1

So there we are, another glimpse into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Angloswiss with all the trimmings. I know it is a big cup on the coffee machine, but that is the way Mr. Swiss likes it.


  1. Run?? Are these people mad? LOL. One can reach a far more satisfactory result by not rushing, as your photos demonstrate. I think for the birds, breakfast is a more important food time than lunch. You have a lovely kitchen. I, too, like my coffee in a large cup!!

  2. You do come up with some fantastic ideas Pat. This one is great.

    I am a coffee-olic and I too like a large mug.

  3. A nice kitchen, Pat! And I love big coffees too... and several big ones in the morning!