Sunday, 6 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: My Favourite

What's the most time you have ever spent apart from your favourite person? Tell us about it.

In the air just after take-off

What is a favourite person? My children, my husband, my dad, my best friend?

My cats?

“Leave us out of it Mrs. Human. As long as there is food in the dish and water, you can go away as long as you want to. As a substitute slave Mr. Human is ok. He cleans our cat tray regularly, so write your prompt about someone else.”

“Thanks cats for the help and support.”

So it seems I will have to have a look at this one. Me and Mr. Swiss got married 45 years ago. Of course we have had our odd hospital stays now and again through the years. My home is in Switzerland but I go to England once a year to visit my dad who is now 97 years old. I usually stay for a week. We both survive. Mr. Swiss has no problem with the household chores. So no big deal. I have two sons. The oldest lives with us. He is quite independent in spite of the fact that he is autistic. He is quite able to look after himself. My youngest has his own place in another town, about half an hour drive from where we live. He is also able to look after his own household. He works for the Swiss government and was three years in Brussels doing diplomat stuff, but no problem. He did not send his washing home to mummy and I would not have washed it in any case. He can iron his own shirts and is quite a good cook, so what’s the big deal?

The days have gone where mum did it all. I worked myself for thirty years and the family just had to get on with things. It was just a matter of organisation, that is all.

The main problems are caused by things that crop up when they should not. Mr. Swiss and I were both working during the day, the kids were at school. So what happens when an eletric appliance in the home breaks down. For example the washing machine. You call the company to arrange for a repair man.

“Hello, we have a problem, our washing machine will not work.”

“Do you have a code on the electronic sign?”

“Yes E5 (or whatever).”

“No problem, we will send our mechanic this week.”

“OK, but when?”

“I cannot tell you. He is very busy, but will fit you in some time in the next couple of days.”

“That will not work. I am working and so is my husband. If I know when he is coming I will make sure I am at home.”

“Oh, I see. In that case I will organise the repair for Wednesday morning.”

“At what time?”

“I cannot tell you.”

“So I have to take half a day off from work to make sure I am here?” etc. etc.

This is a typical conversation of a working mother. Now I am retired and so is Mr. Swiss. This has become a thing of the past, but it was not easy. I knew quite a few colleagues at work that had the same problem.

So returning the title of the prompt. I have wandered off a bit, but it is the most stupid title I have encountered up to now. Favourite people can sometimes be a repair man, a doctor, George Clooney (why not), or the family, according to the circumstances. We only leave each other to fend for theirselves when circumstances call for it.

Not forgetting that you cannot leave the cats to fend for themselves. Of course we could place them in a cat home while we are away.

“Forget it Mrs. Human, no chance. Our territory is our favourite person, is that clear hissssss.”

So that seems to be that problem sorted.


  1. A difficult one to answer for me, also. My favourite person lives 3000 miles from me for the majority of the time, so I am used to living alone for nine tenths of the year anyway!!

  2. When you have a broken appliance the repair man can be your absolute favourite person! Nice to learn a little more about you. Love the photo.

  3. I can't answer that one either Pat.
    Come to think of it my computer repair man...the new one! LOL