Saturday, 26 January 2013

Woody Woodpecker arrived today

spotted woodpecker closeup

Growing up in the East End of London, in the smog and pollution, you only really saw sparrows and pigeons. No other bird ventured into the area. I am now making up for lost bird time in the Swiss countryside, although not all birds are to be seen.

Imagine my surprise when Mr. Swiss called me to see this bird eating from the food that usually only tits and sparrow eat. Thank goodness for Mr. Swiss knowledge of Swiss birds, as he said "e Buntspecht" and in english it seems it is a speckled woodpecker. I had to take the photo from a distance, otherwise he would have flown away. I just clicked and clicked and clicked and this is one of the photos. He was really big.

spotted woodpecker 10


  1. We have woodpeckers and flickers here.

  2. yep,he is a woodpecker. Beautiful photos.

  3. Great shots Pat. We don't have them in NZ.

  4. I must have missed this post yesterday!! Lovely surprise visitors to your garden!! Although I have photographed many birds, I have not yet managed to capture one if these elusive fellows.