Monday, 14 January 2013

Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines

Head to your favourite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.

Police discover a weapons stash in Biberist, Solothurn. Headlines from a Swiss online newspaper, 20 Minutes, from the region where I live which was the basis of my idea.

Armoury, Solothurn

“Heidi, I think I heard the doorbell. Can you have a look. I am busy with the indoor plants.“

“No problem Peter. Am on my way.” 

Although Heidi Solothurnman had enough to do without answering the door: she was cleaning her husband’s guns and organising the munition. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Solothurnman were both now retired and at last had time to look after the hobbies that they shared. Peter had always had a fascination for guns and rifles. He belonged to the village rifle club and Heidi always accompanied him to the competitions. He had won many trophies. Heidi always wanted her own garden, but unfortunately they never had enough money to buy their own house with a garden. It was then that she had the idea of turning the spare room into an indoor garden. With the correct lamps the plants developped and thrived.

Peter started to buy arms and munitions and other self defence weapons. He knew a lot of people in the trade and he found if he did not register them, there was always someone glad to buy them. At the same time Heidi decided to turn her indoor garden into something profitable, and so she started to plant cannabis. She found them lovely plants, with pretty leaves. She discovered there were two sorts. Masculine and feminine, but she concentrated on the feminine plants. The other sort were very weedy and had no leaves. She began to sell the plants and made a lot of profit.

Heidi and Peter were on their way to paying a deposit for their own house. Heidi had decided she wanted her own Greenhouse and Peter wanted a nice room in the cellar for his collection of arms.

In the meanwhile the doorbell rang again. Heidi opened the door and saw the caretaker of the appartment house where she lived, Mr. Zurcher.

“I hope I am not disturbing you Mrs. Solothurnman, but I have had a complaint from the neighbour in the appartment below. She said that for some time she has a damp patch in the spare bedroom and it is getting larger. It seems that something is perhaps leaking from your room which is directly above the bedroom. Do you mind if I have a look?”

“Err, well, at the moment it is a bit difficult. That would be our spare room and my husband is busy fitting in a new shower. Perhaps that is the cause of the stain on her ceiling. I am sure it will soon go away.” Heidi did not actually want to tell Mr. Zurcher that it might be because of their plants.

“No, I don’t think that is the cause Mrs. Solothurnman,  it seems the damp patch started a few weeks ago and is constantly growing. If I could just take a look.” And Mr. Zürcher already put one foot into the doorway.

“Peter, can you come quickly” called Heidi. “I have a problem, Mr. Zürcher wants to have a look at our spare room. He says we must have a leak somewhere as the lady downstairs has a damp patch on her celing.”

Peter was there in a flash.

“No, Mr. Zürcher, I am busy at the moment.”

“Sorry Mr. Solothurnman, but I must insist.” And Mr. Zurcher pushed past Mr. Solothurnman and entered the room, which Peter referred to as the garden. Mr. Zurcher was quite astonished to see many plants being grown under special lights to encourage their growth. Mr. Zurcher also recognised the plants being as certain species known as Cannabis.

Mr. Zurcher was a conscientious member of the community. He was shocked.

“This is a cannabis plantation and is against the law. I will report you both to the police. I do not want anything like this in our house. No wonder that the lady downstairs has problems with a damp ceiling.”

“I don’t think you will report us” said Heidi and suddenly Mr. Zurcher was laying stunned on the floor. Heidi had stunned him with an electric shock pistol.

“Are you crazy Heidi” said Peter.

“He was going to call the police.”

“I know, but what do you want to do with him?”

It was then that there was another knock on the door. Heidi opened the door and it was Mrs. Zurcher.  Mrs. Zurcher saw her husband laying on the floor and the electric shock pistol still in Heidi’s hand.

Mrs. Zurcher screamed and returned to her home where she called the police.  Mr. and Mrs. Solothurnman were arrested for breaking the law in connection with the possession of arms and for handling with drugs. They pleaded not guilty as it was just their hobby and did not intend any harm.


  1. Not quite as innocent hobbies as stamp-collecting or crossword puzzles!!! LOL.