Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Creative Challenge - Nature

Nera waiting for the bird

“Nera, you have been sitting on that damp earth for at least an hour. What is so interesting?”

“Mrs. Human, if you ask a feline a silly question, you will get a silly answer.”

“What is so silly about that question?”

“Mrs. Human you have hung a food tray in front of our delicate feline noses for the birds and I am waiting for a bird to arrive within food range.”

“But Nera, they arrive all the time for food from the bird house.”

“Mrs. Human I mean my food range.”

Another one of those pointless discussions with Nera, the chief cat, but I persevered with my human logic.

“Nera the birds are tabu for you and your fellow cats. They are not a supplementary source to your usual natural diet of vitamin packed pellets.”

“You can keep you vitamin packed pellets, nothing like a nice little crunchy bone covered with juicy meat. You humans have no idea. It is a feline’s nature to chase birds. You cannot imagine the triumphant feeling we have when we feel the bird between our paws.”

“Nera I can only imagine the feeling that the bird has being part of a feline meal. No, forget it.”

“Tabby, Fluffy come here, Mrs. Human is being illogical once again. She does not understand the basic laws of nature.”

Tabby came running across the garden. When Nera calls, her words are to be obeyed. Fluffy awoke from his sleep and was ready to obey Nera’s commands.

“Are you having human problems?” asked Tabby and Fluffy. “Is Mrs. Human doubting the laws of the feline nature once again?”

“Felines, I am not doubting any laws, I am just telling you that birds are not a supplement to your healthy and plentiful diat.

“I don’t remember Bast feeding his team in the corn chambers on pellets Mrs. Human” said Tabby.

“The felines were in the corn chambers for a reason. They kept the plague of vermin under control so that the corn was kept safe for human consumption. The felines were there to kill the rats and mice, which is their nature.”

“It is also our nature to kill and eat birds Mrs. Human” said Fluffy.

“Well said Fluffy, you are learning very well. You are now apprentice first class.”

“Thank you Nera, I like a morsel of poultry now and again.”

I gave up. 

The arrival of Tabby

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  1. LOL. Ever get the feeling you're talking to yourself?

  2. As soon as I saw the photo I started laughing, and then to my delight followed on with you talking to Nera and the the others.


  3. it is hard to change human or cat nature isn't it?
    another amusing story :)

  4. cute kitty shots, they do seem to think that anything that moves is edible.