Sunday, 9 December 2012

WordPress Daily prompt: My Hero

Casablanca super super

That was the stuff that heroes were made of when there were no computers, no videos, no televisions. A visit to the cinema was all you needed to make you feel safe in the world. Casablanca was always one of my favourties, still is, but unfortunately Humphrey Bogart was not my hero, he wanted to belong to someone else.

But returning to the realities of life, Do I have a Hero?. I have many. Of course, my dad was a hero, serving time in the army in the second world war, but asking him. Did he want to go? No not really, he had to go, his country told him to, there was no real choice Conscientous objector and five years in prison, no thankyou. So perhaps he was a reluctant hero and one of the lucky ones that came home.

Not forgetting my mum during those years. She stayed at home in England, firewatching at night alone in the factory where she worked, whilst the bombs were dropping around her in the middle of London. Until her mother decided now it is finished. The police were soon at the door asking where my mother was. My grandmother, who I never actually knew, told the police she already had a son as  a POW and would definitely not sacrifice her daughter as well. Enough is enough. It worked and mum never had to do any fire-watching again.

Then of course, my neighbour is one of my heroes. He saved my blind cat Fluffy from a sad predicament. Yes, Fluffy escaped and we organised a search party. Someone told my neighbour she had seen him sitting on the other side of the main road, wondering how to get home. My neighbour started to run as fast as he could (he was a bit of a sportsman) and brought Fluffy home to me in his arms. T-shirt wet with exhaustion and red faced with spent energy, plus a few cat scratches,  but Fluffy was rescued. The hero of the day.

My husband was a hero, driving to work in the ice and snow in Winter. A one hour drive each way. I only had ten minutes and I was feeling shaky when I arrived at the office. He would leave at five in the morning to escape the strong traffic. They were tough days for him at the time.

And what about me? I had my heroic moments, giving birth to two sons, bringing them up and going through all their problems. Teenage sons are not easy, they always seem to have other ideas.

I think most of us have a hero inside deep down, just waiting for the chance to go into action. Even my three cats are heroes, when I see the daily fight to defend their territory. They deserve the fifteen hour daily sleep to recover. 


  1. I believe most of us have these two differing types of hero. I think most of us have those imaginary heroes, those ones brought into our lives by the magic of Hollywood. But on a more realistic level we have our 'real' heroes, those who have had a profound effect on us in our real lives.

  2. They come in all shapes and sizes and yes - all our parents who survived the blitz and the terrors of the theatres of war were the real heroes. Nice read Pat and thanks for the memories!