Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Multiply is dead, so long live something else

You discover something new every day and today was a discovery day for me. Many of us lost our domicil when Multiply decided to throw us all out. There were many alternatives and we all made our own choice. I decided for Blogger and Wordpress, double sewing seams are always stronger.

Anyhow today I discovered something in Wordpress. It has always been there I suppose. I have been starving for new challenges in the writing world. Multiply had writing groups and Blogger has none. At least I have not found one up to now.

Today I discovered something Word Press calls The Daily Post with tons of challenges to participate in or not. They are all listed on the righthand side under the heading Recent Posts. You can insert your e-mail address to follow them and you get posted in your e-mail box when a new one appears.

I was thirsty for a challenge, and the first one arrived today. I competed and it is like the old days in Multiply where everyone in Wordpress that partakes has a look at what you have written. Of course, I also look. It seems that the blogging world is not so dead as I thought.

Of course I remain in Blogger and Google+ as No. 1 and will be putting my writing efforts on the WordPress challenges here as well, but really I am so happy to have found a new place where writing is appreciated. There is no have to, but just want to. There is even a photo challenge available.

For those like me that might be missing this sort of thing, have a look.


  1. There is something out there for everyone...seems we just have to dig a little harder now

  2. I'm glad you've found something to stimulate your writing interest.