Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Check List

My Plane to Switzerland from London Citiy

Now let's see
  1. Passport
  2. Tickets
  3. Boarding Pass
"Mrs. Human, what are you writing?"

It was Nera the chief cat being inquisitive. Seems to be a cat's nature.

"Nera I am going away for a week to see my father and am making a checklist of things I have to take with me. He lives in London in another country and I have to make sure I don't forget anything."

"Yes, but Mrs. Human, what about me, my sister Tabby and our apprentice Fluffy. Who is going to be our slave? We need someone to do the work. You cannot just leave us to fend for ourselves."

"No worries, Nera, Mr. Human will be here to care for your needs."

"You think so, Mrs. Human. Just a minute I will have to confer with my feline colleagues. Tabby, Fluffy, we have an emergency situation."

And there was a group of cats in the corner, having a telepathic conversation. I could tell as their eyes were changing directions, their whiskers were quivering and there were a few paw stamps made in between. It was then quieter and they all disappeared to another room. Suddenly Nera appeared again with a piece of paper in her mouth.

"Ok, Mrs. Human, after a discussion with my fellow felines, we have decided to let you go, but only on the condition that Mr. Human studies our check list every day. Tabby put it into the computer and even got it translated from Meow to Human sounds by Babelcat to make sure it would be thoroughly understood."

Nera handed me the list.
  1. Tuna Fish
  2. Feline tray emptied at least once a day and cleaned. Replacement of fresh sand when necessary, preferably the clumping sort.
  3. Tuna Fish
  4. Regular replacement of vitamin food pellets when the level in the dishes sinks
  5. Tuna Fish
  6. Availability of fresh water at all times.
  7. Tuna Fish
  8. No unecessary disturbance of our daily routine. If we sleep, we sleep. Household cleaning instruments only to be used upon permission.
  9. Tuna Fish
  10. 24 hour alarm standby in case we have a furball moment (which should be cleaned away immediately) or we have the wish to take a walk. The feline door is to be opened immediately.
"Anything else, felines? Just write it down. One thing I don't quite understand. How comes there are five mentions of Tuna Fish and Tuna Fish is No. 1 on the list.?"

Fluffy put his paw up so I looked in his direction as I was sure he had something very important to say.

"It's like this Mrs. Human. What is No. 1 on your check list."

"My passport of course, I would be lost without it and could no go anywhere."

"You see Mrs. Human, exactly. So please do not ask stupid questions about why we mention Tuna Fish five times and put it as No. 1 on our list."

"Fluffy is learning well" said Nera. "We have already giving him the apprentice first class honours. He knows what is important in a feline life. So come on felines, I think we will be OK with Mr. Human as our slave for a week and Mrs. Human can go on her journey with no problems."

I decided to carry on with my check List writing as the next point "Tuna Fish". No, no, stupid human slave. I was still under the feline influence.


  1. LOL> I am imagining you being stopped by a customs officer asking why you are carrying cans of tuna fish!!

  2. I have a huge problem here, Pat, need help immediately. Princess Mousie managed to hack my account and read this note. She has just knocked all the Tuna off shelf in the pantry and has locked herself in there with a No Disturb sign ( probably sent from your felines in Switzerland, as I saw the post man here earlier) posted on door. You see I always told her Human Tuna Fish is not good for cats, now she reckons I was lying all along, just to keep it to myself.

    See you in a week !!!

    Miss you already!

    Mwah !!

  3. I'm sure your felines expect to get some souvenir from your trip... Have a nice time, Pat!

  4. Haha..Great post! Have a great trip!

  5. Oh Pat, somehow I missed this blog but sure am pleased as I was worried about you so decided to come look.

    You kitties sure have got you sorted I must say. Thank you for the smiles and giggles.

    Hope you have had/am having a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it.