Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumn is coming, the Pampas is showing

Reeds and Grass in garden

"Hello Pampas, I see you are back again in my garden, showing your feathery head."

"Yes, it was time to start sprouting - have to do something to preserve the species, although in your country it is too cold to have a family. Too much frost and snow in the Winter. Now my relations down in Australia, they spread out all over the place. They even class us as weeds down under. I would emphasise, I am not a weed, but a stately plant, ready to take over when the space allows. Trouble is I am getting a bit hollow in the middle. Even your cats sit on my bare patch there sometimes. But we grow at the edges. Just keep my stalks nice and long during the Autumn and Winter, you will be rewarded with a nice show of something living in the garden. And don't forget to cut me down in Spring, so that I can rejuvinate and start growing for another show next year."

"So that was an interview with my pampas grass who has decided to put his annual appearance in in the garden."


  1. I love Autumn Pat a wonderful shot as well;)

  2. One of my favourite plants to photograph, particularly if there's a breeze blowing.

  3. LOL..good interview with the Pampas Grass.
    Autumn for you Spring for me....I look forward to hearing more!!

  4. I too talk to my cat and plants and love this post.

    We are in early spring and it is a nasty winter stormy day today, but managed to get more done in the garden yesterday.