Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wordsmiths Challenge #26; Miscellaneous Reflections

old man

Just looking out
Blinded by the sun
Where is my hat
Cannot remember, life not fun
No longer easy when old and spent
Wondering where the time just went
Young men with their girlfriends
Arm in arm down the street
I remember those days
Oh, they were sweet
Now what do I have?
Am all alone
The wife passed on
But do not want to moan
Have my children
Do not visit but send a card
on my birthday
I accept, but it is hard
Long to close my eyes
and rest for ever
Nothing left for me here
Bounds of life I will sever
Spending my time
Just watching and thinking
Fought in two wars
But the memories are sinking
Now is time
To have something to eat
I still have some bread
As well as some meat
Make the bread soft in milk
and cut the meat fine
It is difficult to chew
But do not want to whine
So I am just looking out
The sun in my eyes
Must look for my hat
Sighs, Sighs, Sighs