Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friend's Challenge #245 - Fairies!

Karenisme's Challenge

Write a short story no more than 500 words, in the style of a fairy tale.
Make it as magical as you like

Once upon a time, at night when everything is silent and dark,  a pin point of light could be seen shining in a cellar belonging to Mrs. Smith. Let us visit Mrs. Smith’s cellar to see where this mysterious light originates.

“Just a little bit higher please Tinkerbell, I need your fluorescence up on the third shelf. Yes, that’s right. Now if I just dive into the inside of the machine – come with me Tinkerbell, I can just put the force onto these chips and I will have the password in my head.”

“You male fairies are all the same, no patience. The password is “Bill Gates” Juniper.”

“Well that was quick Tinkerbell, how do you know?”

“That’s easy. When the first Windows was invented, the father was Bill Gates, and he left his mark on the programme. If those humans knew how transparent they are.”

So Juniper, the male fairy and chief agent for human affairs, entered the computer and started his tour of Internet. Mrs. Smith had actually put the computer in the cellar as her son, Fred, was now too old for the original Commodore 128 and had progressed to Windows 7, but the fairy agents had found a use for them. They didn’t need more bytes or ram, they just turned on their force.

“Juniper, have you found what you wanted to know? We should be getting back to King Fairy to report.”

“Yes, everything under control, just trying something out.”

“Bang, schlurp, crash” were the noises from the computer.

“Juniper, what are you doing. No I don’t believe it, even humans don’t play Super Mario any more. They have progressed to killing each other with their own self made armies, virtually of course, building cities and farms, where they can even produce make believe milk and grow make believe crops.”

“Excuse me Tinkerbell, but we are talking of the super intelligent human race. I thought we were the make believes.”

“And who was playing Super Mario just now. I don’t think that King Fairy wants to know whether the Mario Brothers succeed in their task.”

“What task Tinkerbell?”

“I don’t really know Juniper, but it seemed to enchant the humans trying to find out.”

“You know what Tinkerbell, I think I will leave this shelf, the one below is much more interesting.”

“No, Juniper, not again.”

“Oh, come’on Tinker, while we are here, let’s make the most of it.”

So Juniper opened a bottle of wine, by magic of course, belonging to Mrs. Smith, and poured a few drops into a thimble he always carried on him, for such purposes. Luckily it was all done by magical force, so Mrs. Smith did not notice that a few drops from her Chateau Lafite were missing in the bottle.

“Time to go Tinkerbell” said Juniper

and the two fairies winged their way home, not exactly in a straight line, more in a zig zag, singing a few fairy songs on their way. They definitely lived happy every after.

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