Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Today I met an Angel

me and angel
You do not believe me. Well, here is the photo to prove it. There she was hovering around when I left the supermarket. Mr. Swiss was busy buying something and so I walked on ahead on my own and there she was. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then she flew over, scattering stardust everywhere and it started snowing flakes. I got out my camera, I mean you have to fix something like that on a photo. It was then that a male angel, I think his name was Gabriel, asked if he could take a photo of me with his girlfriend to take back as a souvenir, so here it is.

You do not believe it, well I would not either, but you can work out yourself the origin of the photo. Mr. Swiss believed it when he saw the photo, but he reckons leave me alone for a couple of minutes and I meet all sorts of people. She was quite a friendly sort of angel and waved to me from the sky as she flew off with the Gabriel guy.

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